Xbox controllers just got a big discount at Amazon

There’s a great deal on Xbox controllers right now on Amazon, with the gamepad going down to just $44.99 for a limited time (or £39.99 in the UK). That’s a significant $15 off the list price of $59.99. Currently, this deal applies to the Xbox Robot White (stock) and Carbon Black (currently sold on Amazon) controller.

But, if you’re looking to get one of the many color variations of the controller, those are also on sale right now. The Xbox Red, Blue, and Yellow Controllers are also down to $47.99, which is actually an even better deal, as it’s $17 less than the list price of $64.99.

Xbox controllers up to $44.99 at Amazon (was $59.99)

This sale is also available at Best Buy, Walmart, and the Microsoft Store, but Amazon currently has the best deal. Amazon has dropped the Robot White controller to $45, while everywhere else it’s $50 (down from $60).

This is a very similar offer to the DualSense discount we saw during the Sony State of Play sale, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it returned during Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale in October, just as the DualSense offer has returned for Prime Day.

Xbox controller deal on Amazon UK

This Xbox controller deal is also available for those in the UK, with basic white and black Xbox controllers dropping to £39.99, while color variants are £43.99 instead.

Soon the Amazon Early Prime Access sale

Amazon also announced a brand new Prime Early Access Sale event for October (think Prime Day but later in the year). You can expect deals like these discounts on Xbox controllers, plus more deals on Amazon devices, video games, tech, and more. Stay tuned to IGN for even more, or follow @IGNDeals on Twitter to stay informed.

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