What does Figma software do?

Figma is a tech-driven, tech-driven app. If you are a tech enthusiast or just love tech then you must have heard of the app called Figma.

So the question is, what is Figma? Figma is a software tool commonly used by a graphic designer or someone in product design. You can call them UI/UX designers.

Figma helps the designer create stunning UI and UX designs with real-time collaboration. You cannot be called a designer if you are not aware of the essence of Figma and the features it offers.

Here is a summary of what the Figma software does for its user

  • You can work in teams. With Figma tools and features, you can collaborate with others on projects. This allows you to have a team of designers work with you on your project. They can capture generated code snippets for iOS, Android, and CSS if they want. It has a high audience rating and comments are allowed from the team. You can export the exact work in the format needed for others to see it.
  • Figma has a prototyping feature. What prototyping means is having a sample of a product that you would like to make a replica of. With Craft or In-Vision, this would be done quickly.
  • Using Figma gives you wide access to online files which are saved automatically and can be shared via links. You can also create quick search surfaces for anything you need and add it to your folder.
  • You can download Figma as it works well with web browsers and allows you to work offline.
  • Figma makes designing easy. It gives you speed with things like on-the-fly editing and replacing.
  • Figma allows you to draw in any direction with the vector networks, rather than combining the connections at the origin point of the path.
  • It has design clocks, watch screens and pie charts. These are items you get with the Arc tool. You can use the auto-layout mechanisms to move through your design, which speaks development and direction that translates directly into code, making it easier for a designer to hand off. The design tools also give you many flexible styles that you can apply to your projects.
  • With Figma, you can use advanced font features to fully express your brand. Enable resize buttons for text and lists can rearrange as items are moved.
  • Figma gives you access to unlimited plugins like stock images, flowcharts, color accessibility, icons and charts with easy development. Your company can also create and distribute private plugins specific to its design.