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Amazon Luna has officially joined the streaming market, giving people access to a wide range of games spread across different channels. Ease of use is a major selling point of cloud gaming, as a user doesn’t need a high-end PC or a PS5 to access Amazon Luna’s library. It’s the ultimate pick-up-and-play gaming service.

However, subscribers will need a controller or input device to use Amazon Luna, whether they’re streaming through their PC or Fire TV. here are the controllers confirmed to be compatible with Amazon Luna.

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Luna Controller

Amazon Luna has an official controller, designed to take advantage of the cloud gaming service’s portability. In addition to supporting Bluetooth and USB connections, this controller is primarily marketed as a wireless option that connects to Amazon Luna over Wi-Fi. This service is called live cloud.

Here are some important things to know about the Amazon Luna controller:

  • It uses two AA batteries.

  • If its drivers are installed on the PC, the controller can be used to play games other than Luna.

  • To pair it via Bluetooth, press the O and B buttons simultaneously.

  • Using Bluetooth, the controller can connect directly to a Fire TV.

  • If connected via Cloud Direct, the controller should continue to work even if user Luna changes the platform they use to stream games. This happens because Cloud Direct connects the controller to Amazon’s servers rather than the PC or device used to run Luna.

  • The central Luna button changes color depending on the current controller connection. For example, a solid purple circle means the controller is connected to Cloud Direct (Wi-Fi) but not to Luna. Amazon has all colors listed on this page.

Luna Controller App

For Amazon Luna Controller to work, subscribers will need to download the Luna Controller app from the Apple Store Play Store on their mobile devices. Once the app is installed, players can configure their controller to take advantage of Cloud Direct, which is Amazon’s recommended connection method.

  • Turn on the controller and hold the Luna (center) button until the LED turns orange.

  • Launch the Luna Controller app.

  • Log in to your Amazon account.

  • Follow the app’s steps until it registers the controller.

  • Once the app has finished setting up the controller, players should be able to use the accessory to play Luna games.

Compatible third-party controllers

While the Amazon Luna Controller can be said to improve the overall experience, the device is by no means required to enjoy the service. Accessibility is a big part of the cloud gaming movement, so it makes sense that Luna tries not to restrict subscribers when it comes to their selection of controllers. However, currently only a handful of input devices are fully supported by Amazon Luna.

Keyboard mouse

No one said Amazon Luna only works with a controller. PC and Mac users can stick with their keyboard and mouse setup if they prefer, and there are some games, such as hard reset redux and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogunthat could benefit from the extra precision provided by a pointer.

On a game’s Luna page, it will say if it supports a keyboard and mouse alongside a controller. Additionally, it is possible to switch between a controller and a keyboard and mouse in the middle of a gaming session.

Xbox One controller

Of all the possible input devices, PC owners are probably the most likely to own an Xbox controller (besides the keyboard and mouse, obviously). Amazon Luna specifically mentions that it is compatible with the Xbox One controller, and the third-party device connects to the service effortlessly.

Once the Xbox One controller is connected via Bluetooth or USB to the computer, players simply launch the Luna app or visit its Amazon page on a compatible browser. To confirm that Luna recognizes the controller, go to Settings → Controllers and the device should be listed under Controllers available.

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PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 wireless controller

The only other third-party controller confirmed to be compatible with Amazon Luna is the DualShock 4, which should sync with the service seamlessly. This can be done via Bluetooth or a USB cable, and the DualShock 4 should appear in the same menu as the Xbox One controller.

If you’re streaming Luna through a Fire TV, Xbox One or DualShock 4 controllers will need to be paired with the device. On Fire TV, go to Bluetooth controllers and devices Game Controllers → Add New Game Controller. Activate the Bluetooth pairing function of the controller and a new wireless controller will appear. Select that and the devices should be synced.

What about other controllers?

The Luna, Xbox One, and DualShock 4 are the only controllers that shouldn’t have any issues with Amazon’s service, but other input devices may still work. For example, an Xbox 360 controller was tested for this article and it worked fine with Luna.

Other third-party controllers are unpredictable, as they may lack certain functions needed to be fully compatible with Amazon Luna. Basically, if anyone has a controller available, they should try it before buying a DualShock 4.

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