This artist turns children’s drawings into amazing 3D characters

Taku Inoue is a Japanese artist who specializes in creating 3D renderings of anime characters of all kinds.

If Taku Inoue is widely known for his 3D renderings of Tom & Jerry’s most famous scenes, it’s with another project we fell in love with. The artist has recently embarked on the creation of magnificent 3D characters from drawings made by children.

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Creating art from children’s drawings is nothing new, and it’s an idea that still works. Recently, a small village in Scotland chose to light up its street for the holidays with lights built to mimic designs created by neighborhood children.

Taku Inoue took to Twitter to share his work. And while it’s not the platform one would necessarily expect to be the most engaging for such visual content, each of his tweets receives over 10,000 retweets, with some reaching over 200,000 RTs!

Follow him on Twitter to discover all of his work. But for now, let’s admire these beautiful characters – pokemon and co. – created from children’s drawings:

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