These Software Trends Sell and Can Get You Hired

Time flies and we’re almost halfway through Software Trends Month.

But this month isn’t the only time our post focuses on software. Technically tracked year-round software trends on C++, Javascript, Python, GO, Rust, Ruby PHP and more.

Whether you work as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer, knowing which programming languages ​​can help you land that coveted over-Annual salary of $80,000. Over the years, has gone out of its way to answer this question many times. This report led to identifying computer systems design and related services among the 10 highest earning industries in Baltimore in 2009 and 2019. Seeing the tea leaves of software development is the difference between being an early adopter with a million dollars rise and stay behind the curve, struggling to find a market for legacy technology.

Here’s a breakdown of previous articles that point to the coding trends that will get you hired – and the hot software on the market that’s driving those million-dollar raises.

Coding trends

What programming language should I learn?

Three coding bootcamp directors in Pittsburgh explain the coding languages ​​they teach and why their students are hired.

What has changed in 20 years of software engineering?

A guest post by Ken Rimplein which he offers a 20-year retrospective on programming language trends.

5 Tips for Getting Started in a Software Development Career

Learn how to transition from careers in education, military, finance, blogging, and meteorology to software development.

How are coding bootcamps evolving?

A conversation about how bootcamps have changed and adjusted during the pandemic with the rise of remote work. Using a case study from Wilmington, Delaware, this article looks at where this evolution leaves local businesses at the end of bootcamps, when participants are looking for that first tech job.

Tips for Getting Started From a Self-Taught Programmer Turned CEO

Eric SolenderBaltimore CTO Mind Stand Technologiesshares four tips and lots of resources on the skills and mindset that can lead to a career in software development.

Software trends with startups

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are features that all technologists are adding to their tech stacks, but one that’s really gaining momentum is Salesforce.

Selling power

The journey of Youreka Laboratories is a great example of the impact of a company working to create software that integrates with Selling power can reach. The former company went from raising an $8.5 million Series A to being acquired by a B2B software solutions provider Dispatch in a year.

Hampden-based BenefitsApp was built using Salesforce tools to improve user access to health care information and employee benefits.

Salesforce has also helped bring this 70-year-old Pennsylvania-based family business into the modern era.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

This spring, a Maryland-based AI/AR and spatial computing software company MindX Corp. was acquired by Blackrock Neurotech for his expertise in the field of AI.

Additionally, leading companies like Booz Allen Hamilton are launching $100 million venture capital funds for startups that focus on artificial intelligence/machine learning.

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