These new Xbox controllers are way nicer than PS5 DualSense remotes

Earlier this week, Xbox released two weird Sonic-themed custom Xbox controllers. But already, we’ve been treated to a preview of the games consoles spring collection of controllers – and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of in love with the designs.

In perfect shades of pastel pink, purple, blue, yellow and white, the new Xbox Series X/S controller collection is bursting with spring vibes. But the designs aren’t just pretty – no, these youthful controllers also have special features to enhance your gaming experience. Love the sound of Xbox consoles and haven’t gotten your hands on one yet? Be sure to check out our guide on where to buy the Xbox Series S.

The New Xbox Spring Collection

Which is your favourite? (Image credit: Microsoft)

In partnership with PowerA, OtterBox, and 8BitDo, Microsoft has created six stunning controllers (and a case), with three different designs to enhance gameplay (see above). The PowerA remotes (the controllers with the white wires) all feature two programmable gaming buttons on the back of the design.

8BitDo’s design (the pink remote with the black wire) also has two buttons on the back of the design, but the fun doesn’t stop there. This remote also features button mapping, so you can adjust everything from vibration to trigger sensitivity.

The PowerA Xbox Controller

The PowerA controller in Pastel Dream color (Image credit: Microsoft/PowerA)

The OtterBox design is particularly interesting. In the Lilac Dream color, the controller case sits firmly on your Xbox Series X/S controller as a durable case. The transparent glitter cover fits the remote control and houses customizable grips that you can swap to your device. This case is perfect for any gamer with a gamer rage (cough, not me, cough) because it’s super sturdy.

The designs will set you back between $37.99 and $44.99 – and seeing how good they look, I’m tempted to buy the whole collection. I love the colors and patterns on the patterns, especially the Cotton Candy Blue and Lilac Swirl remotes (so Xbox, hit me up). And I’m sorry Sony, but these remotes are way better looking than the new DualSense controllers. Plus, imagine how great it would be to play your favorite games with two extra buttons that you’ve tailored to your game – pretty cool, right?

We will have to wait until April to put our gloves on the controllers, but in the meantime, why not prepare for the launch by offering new games to play on the controllers? Be sure to check out our roundup of the best Xbox Series X games.

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