The four Valorant controllers ranked (2021)

Valorant has become one of the most popular FPS titles since the game was released in early 2020. Players have 17 different Agents to choose from that belong to different Agent classes based on their abilities.

Duelist, Controller, Initiator and Sentinel are the 4 different agent roles in Valorant. Coupled with the ability to take control of different sections of the map, Controller Agents are an essential part of every team. To date, Valorant offers 4 controllers for players, namely: Astra, Viper, Brimstone and Omen.

Although Riot Games didn’t mention anything specific, it’s believed that they plan to balance the composition of Valorant’s Agents, in line with December’s Agent milestone.

Players can expect a slew of changes to existing Agents in 2022. Below is a list of the four controllers in Valorant, ranked by their overall effectiveness across various team compositions and maps in 2021.

Every Valorant Controller Ranked (2021)

4) Omen

Omen is the controlling agent with the highest attack potential. His Paranoia (Q) and Dark Cover (E) are abilities that can prove effective in taking control of bomb sites, while his Shrouded Step (C) allows players to access various locations on the map. to which only a handful of agents have access. The versatility of his ultimate ability makes him proficient in attack as well as defense.

Since the introduction of Omen in the beta version of the game, the agent has witnessed several changes. Currently, Omen is weaker than himself, being outmatched by other controllers on all Valorant maps.

During Valorant Champions 2021, Omen was only picked 2 times in total (2% pick rate), both in Split. Players are currently anticipating a highly anticipated buff for Omen to get the most out of the Agent.

3) Sulfur

Brimstone was the most wanted agent for the Smoke Deployment in the early days of Valorant. He can cast a Sky Smoke (E) that lasts 19.25 seconds, with the ability to deploy up to 3 smokes at the same time. Brimstone also has a combat boost utility (C) that benefits the whole team, in addition to an incendiary grenade (Q) and orbital strike (X) that serve as great post-planting tools .

Brimstone is able to take over bomb sites single-handedly. Although the Agent has waned in popularity since Astra’s introduction, Brimstone remains active on various Valorant maps.

Due to his ability to deploy multiple smokes together, he is preferred as the sole controller on some maps. In Valorant Champions 2021, Brimstone saw a 4% pick rate, with the agent being picked twice on Bind and once on Fracture.

2) Viper

Viper is one of 3 Controller Agents introduced to Valorant in the beta version of the game. She is different from other Agents in the game due to her toolkit, which often paves the way for her to take on the role of Sentinel. Viper can block off large areas of the map with her Poison Cloud (Q) and Toxic Screen (E), while her Snake Bite (C) is instrumental in post-planting situations.

Viper’s passive abilities deal temporary damage while making opponents vulnerable. She also has an ultimate that makes her able to handle an entire team on her own.

As Viper struggled to adapt to Valorant’s meta, a series of changes to the agent helped certify Viper as a powerful controller. According to Valorant Champions 2021 trends, Viper had a 100% pick rate on Breeze and Icebox, with an overall pick rate of 58%.

1) Astra

Astra entered the game in Act 2 Episode 2 as the newest controller to be added to Valorant’s Agent roster. The Agent is renowned for his ability to dominate entire maps. Astra can enter an astral realm where she can deploy and activate her abilities. Once deployed, Astra can use her stars to perform various abilities like her Nebula (E), Gravity Well (C), or Nova Pulse (Q).

Using her ultimate ability, Astra can cast a bulletproof wall at her convenience for 21 seconds. Although vulnerable to attacks while in her Astral form, the Agent can dominate teams on almost any map in Valorant, and is often the go-to Control Agent in competitive Valorant.

At Valorant Champions 2021, Astra was the most popular controller with a pick rate of 59%. Haven and Ascent were obviously his strongest cards in the tournament, with 100% pick rate in both.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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