The best new laptops for Windows 11 in 2021

HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Dynabook and, of course, Microsoft itself are among the PC makers that have presented the most impressive Windows 11 offerings.

Michael Goldstein, president and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Microsoft partner LAN Infotech, which is also a member of CRN’s Security 100, told CRN in an interview that Microsoft’s own line of Windows 11 hardware Microsoft, especially the Surface Pro X and Surface Duo 2, and the investment in improving the devices’ styluses should attract buyers.

“The new additions to the lineup look really good,” Goldstein said.

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Kelly Yeh, president of Chantilly, Va.-based Microsoft partner Phalanx Technology Group, told CRN in an interview that while his company tries to stay PC-agnostic, Lenovo’s Windows 11 PC lineup excites it.

“Lenovo tends to be best for partners in terms of usability, so if a customer doesn’t have a preference, we push all Lenovo systems,” Yeh said.

Microsoft said Windows 10 laptop owners whose machines meet the spec requirements can upgrade to Windows 11 for free, eliminating the need for a new laptop.

A recent report from Belgium-based IT asset management service provider Lansweeper, however, showed that more than 55% of workstations will not automatically upgrade to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system due to processing requirements. .
Here are some of the Windows 11 PCs that have CRN excited.