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What is greatness?

You have most likely seen a drawing of a four-armed, four-legged man in a circle created by the great Italian artist and inventor.

Leonardo da Vinci did it Vitruvian man show the ideal proportions of a body. Today, this is the standard of a fully developed human being.

Does a balanced physique make him great? Most likely. But there is more to greatness than just a body.

It’s the ability to use it to do great things that makes it so.

Even the most beautiful ideal race car won’t become great without an engine to power it and the driver to get it to the finish line faster than its competitors.

In legal project management, document creation software is one of the key factors for excellent performance. Without it, you simply aren’t as competitive and productive as the lawyers who have already adopted it.

In this blog, we decided to take a look at the body of document creation software and find out what makes it great!

AI engine head

AI in legal is by far the control center of your contract lifecycle management. The higher its processing power and learning capabilities, the better. After all, preparing a master service agreement in less than an hour is good.

But write a pitch-perfect MSA in less than 10 minutes is great.

Your ideal document creation software should think fast and constantly learn based on your legal template patterns.

A good way to use AI is to simplify the language of your contracts, so that sales teams can also understand them.

Powerful machine learning algorithms ensure your contract workflows are fast and error-free. But it’s not that.

The AI ​​learns from your contracts. Each time you write a new one, the software will provide you with better suggested clauses you can use, or data to fill in, saving you valuable time.

Another great way to use AI is to simplify the language of your contracts, so sales teams can understand them too.

Using GPT-3 technology, document automation software can help you translate complex legal language into something more ‘human’.

Using plain language for your contracts will help you avoid confusion and unnecessary explanations of the contract, saving you valuable time.

Vital organs – characteristics and functionality

When your legal document automation software generates models like a supersonic rocket, it’s already great and saves you hours of editing time.

But this is only the beginning of the life cycle of a contract.

When a model is drafted, it must be reviewed, approved, negotiated, signed, and stored for later use and analysis.

That’s why your software should have the following features:

Live Collaborate

· Conditional approval workflows

· User roles

· Electronic signature

Built-in storage

· Metadata and search options

· Performance reports

It’s okay if your software doesn’t match the full list. But if you want to use something awesome, be sure to check every point.

Face & body–design & interface

Admit it, you want your software to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. You don’t want to write documents in something that looks like old Windows 97 (not that it was bad, but we’re not in the 90s anymore), or that’s too complex to navigate – it’ll ruin your productivity.

The only thing you will be able to focus on is the complexity of your software and how it makes your life harder, not easier. And it’s not great at all.

Even if document creation software works with something as simple and colorless as contracts, its design needs to be carefully thought out.

You want your software to be visually appealing and easy to navigate

Swiping easily through workflows will help you stay focused on the task at hand instead of trying to find the right button to go to the next page.

A well-thought-out design and easy navigation are key to using the software and actually enjoying the work you do in it.

Great contract automation software will regularly roll out design updates to improve your experience. More so, if they ask you for feedback before doing so.

Members – support team

A good support team is essential to keep the software running smoothly. Like large limbs, they must be able to do the following:

Run fast to answer your call

Take you in hand to make you discover the software

· Correct all errors

Help create product updates by collecting your feedback

Guide you through the new feature when it’s live

It’s the people behind the thousands of lines of code that matter, and if you can’t contact them for help, how are you going to get around the software?

Nervous system – cloud storage

A secure and well-functioning cloud is your access point to all contracts, wherever you are.

But if you manage to connect to your document automation software from any device, it does not mean that scammers and hackers should also have this ability.

Great document workflow automation software should ensure maximum protection for your contracts

Cloud solutions give you the flexibility to work with confidential information at any time without having to travel to the office. That’s why a big document workflow automation software must ensure maximum protection of your contracts.

The ultimate way for a SaaS provider to prove its security is to obtain a SOC 2 certificate. If you want to ensure that your contracts are well protected, ask your software partner for a SOC 2 type 2 report.

Of course, they will ask you to sign a nes with them before showing it to you.

Core Customers

Without attorneys, sales teams, and other users working inside document automation software, it doesn’t have to exist.

Great document creation software changes the lives of the people who use it. And the customers who use it are the force that drives this software to improve every day.

Find out who else has integrated your document automation software, check out some of the company’s case studies and reviews. They will show you the true value businesses find in it and help you determine if you want the same for your business.

If that heart is beating at a good rate, rest assured that the rest of the body is working just fine.

At the end of the line

Greatness must always meet certain criteria, and true greatness is achieved only when those criteria are approved by many.

There are plenty of great contract management software on the market, it’s up to you to find the software that meets your needs, to adopt it in your processes and to become its heart.

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