Switch Online N64 controllers restocked today, do you have one? (North America)

Update #2 [Thu 16th Jun, 2022 01:45 BST]: Nintendo had another round of N64 controller restocks in the US today. Unfortunately, the conditions on the official site were not the best with heavy traffic. The controllers also sold out pretty quickly once again. Were you able to get one this time around? Let us know in the comments.

Update [Wed 1st Jun, 2022 02:30 BST]: Nintendo had another round of N64 controller restocks today on the My Nintendo Store in the US. It looks like they sold out again pretty quickly (via Polygon). Were you able to get one?

original article [Fri 20th May, 2022 01:30 BST]: Well, Nintendo has said that more Nintendo 64 controllers will be available in North America at some point in 2022, and it looks like we just got our first surprise restock of the year from the My Nintendo Store.

Although this is an exclusive offer to Switch Online members, it looks like the stock sold out almost immediately. Users can purchase a maximum of four controllers, priced at $49.99 each.

Even if you missed this offer, you can still log on and have a look, just to see what it says about your end, as people seem to be having mixed results with the availability of the product. Although this item appears to be “sold out” again, the website asks users to “check back soon” for any new stock.

For Switch Online members located in Australia, Nintendo will also offer these controllers. 12pm AEST today (thanks, Vooks.net). Have you ever managed to secure any of these controllers? Leave a comment below.