Steam now supports Nintendo Online classic controllers

Last year Nintendo announced an N64 controller for use with the Nintendo Switch, and I announced my intention to use it on PC. Narrator’s voice: He didn’t.

However, I have less of an excuse not to now, as a Steam client update released yesterday added Steam Input support for “classic Nintendo Online controllers”.

Steam Input is Valve’s platform for gamers to use pretty much any controller with pretty much any game. It lets you do things like map the PlayStation controller’s trackpad click to a button in a game designed for an Xbox controller, or even map the Switch’s gyroscopic motion controllers to mouse movement.

Now it lets you do the same for classic Nintendo Online controllers, which include modern reissues of Nintendo controllers for NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. All four were originally released for use with their respective platform’s collection of games available through Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service. I might have previously been able to get the N64 controller to work with PC games, but now it will be easier, for example, to map the C buttons of the N64 pad to one of the two analog sticks that a modern game requires .

I’m a no-nonsense fan of the N64 controller, both for its revolutionary implementation of an analog stick and because it was more comfortable to hold than any gamepad I’d used when I was 12. . You can’t tell me that obvious homage to GoldenEye Agent 64: Spies Never Die wouldn’t feel better if played with a real N64 pad.

The same Steam update also added support for other niche controllers, the Qanba Obsidian, Qanba Dragon Arcade, and HORI Fighting Stick mini 4, all of which are fighting sticks. You can read the details of a handful of other bug fixes in the patch notes on Steam.

Nintendo’s new N64 controllers were released last year, and you can watch the Nintendo Direct that announced them below: