Speedcast Further Strengthens Its Software Networking Expertise With Announcement of New Board Member

Speedcast, one of the world’s leading providers of communications and network services, today announced the appointment of Andres Angelani to its Board of Directors. The addition of the card is part of Speedcast’s continued focus on software-defined networking solutions in the maritime energy, enterprise and passenger markets it serves.

With a background in software and product development, Angelani currently serves as the global digital engineering practice leader at Cognizant, a company that helps clients modernize technology so they can stay ahead in a world rapidly evolving.

He joins the Speedcast Board of Directors with over twenty years of experience in product engineering, technology, software, and research and development at Cognizant, Softvision, Globant, and Synthesis Information Technology.

“I am thrilled to join Speedcast and look forward to contributing to the company’s ongoing mission to provide best-in-class communications technology that delivers ubiquitous connectivity, regardless of environment,” said Angelani. “This new role represents an exciting challenge to bring more value to an already exemplary team.”

Angelani’s extensive experience in innovation through software and in building like-minded, agile cultures will support Speedcast’s vision and focus on software-defined networking solutions that enable the company to deliver reliable, fully connected systems and future-ready technology in the market.

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Speedcast’s universal network management software platform, SIGMA, recently received technical clearance from Amazon Web Services, appointing Speedcast as an AWS Software Path Partner. The cloud-based platform consolidates significant hardware into a single software-defined solution and has been deployed to more than 1,600 remote sites since launch, enabling rapid adaptation to changing customer operational needs. The company announced plans to expand the platform’s software capabilities to deliver more value at the edge for customers, enabling instant scalability and increased agility to seamlessly control their operations.

“Andres’ unique experience will undoubtedly prove invaluable to Speedcast in delivering real and actionable benefits to our customers in our core markets,” said James Frownfelter, Chairman of Speedcast’s Board of Directors. “He is a recognized leader for combining software design and engineering disciplines to help organizations build modern enterprises capable of seizing the potential of digital transformation.”

Angelani holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Belgrano University and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. A published author, his relevant works include The Never-Ending Digital Journey, on creating successful user experiences through technology, and Transforming While Performing, which focuses on creating a culture of digital innovation.

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