Software-defined infrastructure enabled by PCIe/CXL over Photonics for AI/ML and HPC workloads

NASHUA, NH, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Drut Technologies, the pioneer of PCIe/CXL in photonics, has announced that it will team up with Supermicro at Super Compute 2022 in Dallas, TX to demonstrate a total solution based on low-latency photonic fabric to enable rack-scale hyper-elastic disaggregated resource pooling.

Drut Technologies integrates its software-defined photonic interconnect resource platform for the data center with Supermicro’s rack-scale solutions to provide customers with:

  • The ability to decompose data center resources into resource pools: GPU, CPU, memory, accelerators, flash, specialty processors, FPGAs, and sNICs
  • Resource pools attached to a low latency photonic fabric
  • Unified software manager across resource pools enabling machine creation fidelity by matching workloads to resources
  • Pooling resources at the photonic scale
  • Integration with deployed network systems with no change/impact to network silo
  • Sleek connectivity replacing wire bundles with fiber, solving the challenge of distance and latency in the data center

The integration of Drut Technologies and Supermicro Rack Scale Solutions will deliver unparalleled operational and business value to users deploying GPUs for AI/ML and HPC applications. Drut’s design approach allows for the mixing and matching of GPUs and other PCIe-based resources. Additionally, software orchestration enables the creation of dynamic machines from connected resource pools. This design approach moves away from using dedicated Ethernet or InfiniBand networks for resource pooling in favor of a photonic fabric. In the case of GPUs, they can be in different racks or rows or rooms or geographic locations and assigned to machines as needed via software. GPU processing power can be added and upgraded independent of machine dependency. Users can have GPU racks regardless of CPU requirements.

“We are delighted to announce this collaborative approach with Supermicro,” said Guillaume Koss, CEO of Drut. “This collaboration provides customers with the ability to use Supermicro’s rack-scale solutions and Drut’s PCIe-on-photonic architecture to bring turnkey solutions to market today.”

We will also showcase our platform software providing a fleet of microservices that expose Redfish-compliant Northbound rest APIs and are deployed on a Kubernetes cluster running on Supermicro Rack Scale Solutions. It is an open source based on-premises hypervisor providing bare metal service as a service (MAAS) to deliver cloud-like automation to end users using OpenStack, K8s, CEPH and Luster. Combined with Supermico’s large-scale infrastructure management software, users have a rich source of telemetry, analytics, lifecycle management, and a unified dashboard to administer data centers software-defined on a very large scale.

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