Schneider Electric launches digital twin software solution

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Schneider-Electricleader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, launched EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, a scalable digital twin software solution to manage the entire machine lifecycle.

The software allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create digital models of real machines so they can be designed and commissioned virtually before building the machine itself. EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin’s intuitive environment includes drag-and-drop mechatronic components, VR/AR interfaces and application-driven libraries, all of which enable parallel engineering of mechanical, electrical and control tasks.

The solution’s open programming environment allows for add-ons and extensions, with a wealth of advanced modules and seamless integration into EcoStruxure Machine Expert and EcoStruxure machine advisor, as well as adaptation to customer data sources, workflows and processes. EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin helps OEMs improve design processes and quality and minimize commissioning costs. It also offers a whole new level of flexibility and efficiency in operations and maintenance.

“Digital twin software paves the way for new machine designs, creating more agile production and increasing machine performance,” said Ali Haj Fraj, senior vice president, Digital Factory, Schneider Electric. “Smart manufacturing enables greater productivity and flexibility. Engineering the future of manufacturing with EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin can provide OEMs with faster time to market, less risk of malfunction, and machines truly fit for purpose.

With EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, customers can expect:

  • 60% saving on commissioning time

  • Get to market up to 50% faster

  • Up to 20% quality cost savings through testing before and during commissioning

Revolutionize the design process

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin covers the entire machine lifecycle, from sales, concept and design to manufacturing and operation. Turning design ideas into compelling sales animations helps customers properly visualize the final product, while in-depth design helps improve and verify prototypes, reduce quality risk and cost, and speed time to market. market.

Transforming machine building

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin revolutionizes machine building by digitizing all processes, from detailed design to mechanics, electrical and controls, enabling virtual testing and commissioning strategies, as well as online acceptance testing. factory (FAT) shortcuts. The solution also improves system integration testing, increases software quality, accelerates production ramp-up, and saves crucial on-site commissioning time.

Improve machine operation

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin can also open up new revenue streams for OEMs throughout the life cycle of the machine through machine maintenance, operator training, and other improvements and upgrades. The software enables OEMs to offer new services based on digital twins, virtually improve and test software upgrades, and reduce machine downtime.

Schneider Electric has been recognized as the most sustainable company in the world in 2021 according to Corporate Knights Global 100 Index.

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