Rob Liefeld Sells First Deadpool Drawings He Ever Made

Rob Liefeld and Heritage Auctions are teaming up to offer collectors the chance to own a piece of comic book history: the two preliminary sketch pages that represent the first time he drew Deadpool for publication in the 1990s. New Mutants #98. The pages, discovered in Liefeld’s personal collection, are being offered in a heritage auction focusing on comic books and pop culture collectibles next month. Finding old Deadpool art is rare, but it’s pre-release art that few have even seen in person, making it a truly historic thing to find its way to market.

Originally featured as a villain in New Mutantsthe response to the Deadpool character was so huge that he became a staple in the X Force launch and into the larger family of X-Men titles beyond. Strength X #1 sold over 5 million copies upon release and held its resale value far better than many of the best-selling 90s hits.

(Photo: Heritage Auctions)

“These pages represent the literal birth of Deadpool at Marvel Comics,” Liefeld told in a statement. “In ink, on paper, it’s the first step! It’s the launching pad! Nothing exists without these sketches at any stage of my work – already. Collectors have been searching for these pages for years as Deadpool continues to grow in popularity around the world. Since early Deadpool artwork is so rare, I’m happy to share it now via Heritage and see where it finds a new home.”

The pages are available through Heritage Auctions from November 17-18 Comic Book & Comic Art Signature Auction. You can see the pages here. These two extraordinary rarities – Pages 14 and 15 – come from Liefeld’s personal art collection.

The only artwork before these preliminaries were the character sheets that Liefeld created before determining his final look and getting Marvel’s approval.

The pages obviously give fans an idea of ​​the process Liefeld used to design and flesh out Deadpool, and how his creative process always began, from his early work on falcon and dove till today. Liefeld creates a mini version of the comic before expanding it to 11 inches by 17 inches, where he inks the final versions. He elaborates the narration, the gestures, the details and the rendering which are finalized on the finished boards.

(Photo: Heritage Auctions)

“Rob is unquestionably one of the most influential artists of his generation,” said Joe Mannarino, director of comics and comic art at Heritage Auctions in New York. “It’s rare to have the first concept of a character that captures an audience’s imagination so perfectly, both in the comics and in the movies – to the point of having successful and anticipated sequels, which who is not sure. We are very grateful that Rob has given us this extraordinary opportunity to offer this fantastic and historic piece. Everyone at Heritage is, of course, delighted, and we look forward to great results.

Liefeld’s work on New Mutants and X Force established him as a twenty-something prodigy in the comics industry, and his Deadpool has been an ever-expanding presence in comics and other media for the past 30 years. The character has been featured in more than a dozen best-selling Marvel video games, as well as cartoons, comics, toys, and a pair of live-action movies starring Ryan Reynolds, which count among the highest-grossing R-rated. films ever made, with the two films together grossing $1.6 billion. Dead Pool 3 has been announced and is set for release in 2024, and features the planned return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.