RenoWorks Software: Building Products Manufacturer Increases Overall Lead Generation Rate by 1,300% with Renoworks Gated AI Solution

Renoworks has partnered with a leading national manufacturer of building products to increase their lead generation rates from their viewer to unprecedented levels.

  • 1300% increase in lead generation
  • Conversion of 40% of overall traffic into leads
  • Reducing the drop to just 10% thanks to A/B testing

A major building materials manufacturer turned to Renoworks to increase their lead generation rate. In response, Renoworks rolled out new platform enhancements that leverage AI-powered visualization and A/B testing that increased lead generation by 1,300% and delivered greater ROI. high for the client viewer.

“Early on, we recognized the effectiveness of our AI masking tool as a lead generation solution. Homeowners appreciate the ability to instantly visualize their home with new exterior products, and we’ve found that they are more than willing to give their contact details in exchange for a drawing.”

Doug Vickerson (CEO, Renoworks)

The goal

  • Gate AI upload form on viewer to increase overall conversion rate
  • Integrate with the CRM client to successfully start nurturing project-ready leads
  • Analyze prospect information via Analytics Hub to optimize marketing campaigns and detect regional product trends

The maker’s primary goal was to convert owners into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) at an increased rate while maintaining a high-quality viewing experience for owners. It was also imperative for the client to mitigate abandonment, as deterring owners from fully accessing the viewer was a concern.

To achieve the client’s goal, Renoworks required users to provide their contact information in order to access the AI ​​download form on their viewer. Next, we conducted a series of A/B tests with different landing page formats to assess the impact of secure versus unsecure access on AI-aided design.

Several different versions of landing pages were tested to reduce potential losses, including side-by-side, form-on-top, and various copywriting versions (simple, detailed, and none).

The results of triggering the AI ​​design tool and A/B testing



Using AI triggering and A/B testing, client increased lead generation by 1300% after 2 months of testing. This means an additional 1,730 users submitted their details in exchange for AI-assisted design versus the insecure form.

We found that owners were more willing to give their contact information because they saw the immediate value of AI-assisted design.


Through our A/B testing, we optimized a closed landing page that was able to reduce abandonment to just 10% compared to the unclosed form, while maintaining an overall conversion rate of 40% of overall traffic that visited the closed page. landing page and converted to high quality MQL.


In addition to increasing the client’s lead generation rate, Renoworks also provided the client with access to Analytics Hub – a new data science and analytics platform that delivers actionable insights to the client’s viewer.

Using Analytics Hub, the client was able to monitor their lead generation rate over time as well as the effectiveness of various campaigns in converting traffic into leads. Analytics Hub also provided detailed data on user type, geography, and product and color selection to help the client understand and optimize their viewer’s effectiveness in generating leads.


Clients can pivot their visualizer from an engagement tool to a competitive lead acquisition method by leveraging Renoworks’ AI-aided design tool. Its immediate value is compelling enough to collect end-user contact information and typically converts 40% of overall traffic into qualified, high-quality leads.

Renoworks can also streamline the distribution of these leads through CRM integration, to work in unison with your current affiliate networks to fill sales pipelines and increase revenue.

Finally, our latest data offering – Renoworks’ Analytics Hub, increases the value of every lead by linking valuable, easily accessible data to lead-specific project links.

Renoworks’ platform enhancements that include these technologies and data science offerings will generally be available in the coming months.


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