Rembrandt’s book bracelet: here is a functional bracelet with 1400 drawings by Rembrandt

Admittedly, jewelry is not one of our areas of expertise, but when we hear that a bracelet costs €10,000, we somewhat expect it to have a sparkle of diamonds.

Creators Lyske Gais and Lia Duinker receive this amount for a wristband consisting primarily of five large sheets of paper printed with high-resolution images downloaded free of charge from the Rijksmuseum’s extensive digital archive of Rembrandt drawings and etchings.

Your average pawnbroker would probably consider its 18k gold clasp, or perhaps the custom-made wooden box it can be stored in when not in use, the most valuable thing about this ornament.

An ardent bibliophile or art lover is perhaps best equipped to see the value of the wristband-book.

Each gold-edged page – 1400 in all – features an image of a hand, from 303 downloaded Rembrandt works.

An illustration on the designers Duinker and Dochters details the meticulous process by which the bookbracelet takes shape in 8-page sections, or signatures, sewn tightly next to each other on a strip of paper. Put it on, and you can flick through Rembrandt’s hands, Rolodex-style. When you want to do the dishes or take a shower, just store it flat in this custom box.

Gais and Duinker also include an index finger, which is handy for those times when you don’t feel like hunting and pecking around your own wrist looking for a hand that has appeared in the flute player or Christ crucified between the two murderers.

The Rembrandts lion hands and paw bracelet, titled as a book and published in a limited edition of 10, won first prize in the 2015 Rijksstudio Awardsa competition that challenges designers to create works inspired by the collection of the Rijksmuseum.

(2015 second prize went to an assortment of preserves and condiments reminiscent of Johannes Hannot’s 1668 Still life with fruit. The 2014 winner was an 1833-inspired eyeshadow palette and eyeliners by Jan Adam Kruseman Portrait of Alida Christina Assink and one Leendert van der Cooghen sketch.)

But what about that art-loving bibliophile who already has everything, including a Rembrandt Lion’s hands and paw cuff?

Maybe you could get them van hondjes necklaceGais and Duinker’s sequel to the book bracelet, a rubber choker with an attached 112-page book pendant featuring Rembrandt’s dogs from the digital collections of various museums.

To buy by Rembrandt Lion’s hands and paw limited edition book bracelet here.

And start creating your own unlikely thing inspired by a high resolution image in the Rijksmuseum‘s Rijks Studio here.

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