PS5 headsets, controllers and more are on sale during Prime Day

As one of the two most popular gaming consoles in the world, the PS5 offers a gaming experience that rivals few other systems. The graphics, the gameplay, the scope of the games themselves. It really is a next-gen game. To enhance your experience even further, it’s nice to have the right accessories.

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller – Midnight Black ($59.99, 16% off)

PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller – White ($59.99, 16% off)

Playstation DualSense wireless controller

PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset – Midnight Black ($89.99, 11% off)

PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset - Midnight Black

PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset – White ($89.99, 11% off)

PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

PlayStation HD Camera ($49.99, 17% off)

Playstation HD camera, black

PlayStation Media Remote ($19.99, 33% off)

Playstation media remote control

PlayStation DualSense Controller Charging Station ($19.99, 33% off)

Playstation DualSense charging station

So you can get a few new controllers along with the charging station so they are already fully powered and ready to go. What’s worse than being in the middle of a game and seeing your controller die?

PULSE 3D headsets are designed to deliver spatial surround sound so you can hear everything as if you were actually standing in the video game. In addition to the incredible graphics that PS5 systems offer, the spatial sound technology really leads to a truly immersive experience.

With the PlayStation Camera, you can record yourself and your gameplay to capture your best gaming moments. It’s perfect for streaming so you can show your true reactions. Finally, the PlayStation Media Remote can control your console, TV settings, and more without having to switch remotes.

So if you need PS5 headsets, controllers, or other accessories, head over to Amazon and take advantage of these Prime Day deals.

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