PaintMosaic by Kaamar: Online Mosaic Tile Design Software Upgrade

Billingham, UK, March 21, 2022 — ( — Billingham-based art company Kaamar, an online provider of custom mosaic images, today launched a major update to its PaintMosaic software, allowing their website visitors to create a custom Mosaic Tile Pattern, Mosaic Image, Mosaic Accent or Mosaic Mirror Design from scratch online.

With the upgraded version, you can paint your mosaic design directly on your browser’s webpage, with support for most browsers and devices, now including touchscreen support as well as the mouse/keyboard.

With a simple in-browser interface (choose a tile color and start painting tiles), visitors can easily create their own custom design. The website integration will then cost and display their design in detail including facilities for live delivery quotes and online ordering. Their finished designs can be showcased in the new User Mosaic gallery and shared on social media.

Home Studio crafted from small glass tiles, visitor mosaic designs can be customized to size as tile sheets (ready to tile), or fully tiled, grouted and framed for wall mounting, with a selection frame sizes and grout colors. With a choice of two small mirror sizes and variable mosaic frame width, choice of grout colors and satin edge color, their handmade mosaic mirrors are also completely customizable.

PaintMosaic has several built-in tools to help create creative patterns, including a line mode, color swap mode, copy/paste, mirror, and rotate functionality. Rather than starting from scratch, visitors can also modify an existing design to create a custom version.

PaintMosaic also extends the existing functionality to create a mosaic design from an uploaded photo, by allowing post-generation editing of the design. Visitors can:
Edit and adjust tile colors.
Cut to reduce the size of the mosaic by removing border tiles.
Shape for unusual arrangements such as archways, or to make cutouts for windows or doors.
Embellish with specialty tiles for added effect.

“Replacing the previous limited release and extending support to most browsers and devices,” said director Keith Morrigan, “we are proud to extend our unique online mosaic design service with the new release. of the PaintMosaic software.”

Kaamar Ltd has an online mosaic design site at with a gallery of mosaic image designs in customizable sizes and where photos can be uploaded and made into a custom mosaic tile design. The gallery designs are also available to purchase from, their UK webshop.

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