MICROSOFT fought off the biggest “DDoS attack” in its history. The massive cyberattack involved tens of thousands of computers, most of which were spread across Asia. 1 Microsoft revealed a huge cyberattack that it managed to blockCredit: Microsoft Cyberattacks are increasingly common and highly sophisticated. One of the most commonRead More →

HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Dynabook and, of course, Microsoft itself are among the PC makers that have presented the most impressive Windows 11 offerings. Michael Goldstein, president and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Microsoft partner LAN Infotech, which is also a member of CRN’s Security 100,Read More →

Personal, courtesy of Acer As microchips have become more and more powerful, the need for a large desktop computer has diminished, as has the size of the computers themselves. These days it’s possible to get a competent machine just over the size of a hardcover book, and there are evenRead More →

The computer and office equipment industry is the backbone of businesses, including service and manufacturing companies. This industry deals with computers, computer hardware and peripherals, software, and office machinery and equipment. However, demand for products in the computer and office equipment industry varies with the level of business activity. Let’sRead More →

Shapr3D introduces Drawings functionality and a new business plan, steps into MCAD heavy territory with more to come. Budapest, Hungary-based Shapr3D today introduced its highly anticipated drawings feature, along with new pricing tiers. Application for repositioning drawings The award-winning iOS app, now also available for macOS, disrupted the industry withRead More →

While most would agree that 3D models are the future of construction planning, the vast majority of construction projects today are still based on 2D drawings. Traditional designs remain the most accessible choice for most professionals, and construction companies are looking for technology tools that offer useful features in aRead More →