New and Updated Software Entrepreneurs Need to Know

The software isn’t the flashiest or most hyped example of building technology, but it’s certainly the most widely used.

Programs that do everything from inspecting a job site to streamlining payroll are on the market, and contractors big and small are using them to make the job easier.

Here are five recent software maker announcements of new products or updates to existing products designed to make building easier for contractors:


Software company based in San Jose, CA Sage announced on August 10 that one of its products, the mobile construction management app Sage Intacct Construction, now supports the cloud-based accounting product Sage Field Operations.

Sage markets itself as a company that creates accounting, finance, HR, and payroll technology for small and medium-sized businesses. With this integration, the company will simplify service operations and reduce billing time, improve communication between office and field staff, integrate workflows and critical information, and more.


Webcam technology company based in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey EarthCam announced On August 23, its live video streams integrate with San Diego, Calif.-based construction software company Raken’s construction management platform.

EarthCam intends to integrate with Raken’s platform by providing 24/7 continuous imagery for insight into project safety and security, according to the company. Additionally, users will be able to access panoramic images, historical timelines and more.


Toronto-based software company Augmenta has released the first generative design module for its software product, Augmenta Construction Platform, August 23. The product, called the Electrical Design Module, enables electrical contractors and engineers to more quickly estimate and create fully buildable, code-compliant electrical raceway designs by automating the process, according to the company.

This eliminates double entry and provides the ability to evaluate multiple design options against cost, construction time and maintainability, the company claims, in addition to making designs more efficient.

Leica Geosystems

Swiss surveying and geographic management software company Leica Geosystems has launched its new security awareness module in the cloud-based collaboration platform of Leica ConX, the company announced on August 23.

The company’s previously released safety solution addressed the need to immediately warn field personnel on and off the machine of potential collisions between themselves, other machines and people. The new module now allows workers to review incidents and assess the entire operation in time and space, according to the company.


Dublin-based energy management solutions company Eaton has unveiled a new platform to target the digitalization of construction, the company announced on August 25. The new platform is called Eaton Project Center.

The software, according to company product page, will allow simple in-app drawing tools, as well as access to BIM collaboration and detailed order and shipment information. The software’s goal is to provide a single location for design, construction and commissioning, with real-time information for all stages of the construction process, according to the company.