Mobile game controllers: the backbone

Sony has teamed up with ‘Backbone’, an electronic accessories company, to create its first-ever mobile controller, the ‘Backbone One’. It is basically a PlayStation controller that has been optimized for mobile devices in terms of ergonomics and functions. The controller has been split into two halves in order to attach to either side of a mobile phone, resulting in the screen present in the center.

Although there are many mobile controllers with this configuration, there are no official PlayStation controllers for mobile devices yet. As such, this controller features the button layout of a “DualSense” controller with additional menu and settings buttons for mobile device configuration. Controllers can connect wirelessly or via USB-C to a mobile device, in which case the mobile device is essentially transformed into a portable game console.

One of the most appealing use cases for the Backbone One is the “PlayStation Now” streaming app that lets customers play a large library of Sony games on the go. Many of these games require functionality specific to PlayStation controllers, making the Backbone One the way to go for PlayStation mobile streaming.

Image credit: Sony, Cameron Faulkner