Microsoft warns it just blocked ‘BIGGEST cyber attack ever’ of ‘70,000 computers across Asia’ – including China

MICROSOFT fought off the biggest “DDoS attack” in its history.

The massive cyberattack involved tens of thousands of computers, most of which were spread across Asia.


Microsoft revealed a huge cyberattack that it managed to blockCredit: Microsoft

Cyberattacks are increasingly common and highly sophisticated.

One of the most common types of cyber attacks is a DDoS – or Distributed Denial of Service.

This is when an attacker will flood a victim’s system with “internet traffic”, overload it and force it to disconnect.

This can be used to target websites, computer servers and even individual Internet users.

Microsoft says this particular attack targeted one of its customers in Europe, through the firm’s Azure IT department.

And said it was 140% more powerful than the previous highest attack blocked by Microsoft Azure in 2020.

The new attack flooded the system with 2.4 terabytes of data per second.

This is compared to the 1 Tbps attack at the end of the summer last year.

A single terabyte equals 1,000 gigabytes, which by itself is equivalent to hundreds of 4K movies.

Flooding a system with this amount of data every second is very difficult to do.

According to Microsoft, the attack lasted about ten minutes.

“Attacks of this size demonstrate the ability to wreak havoc,” Microsoft’s Amir Dahan said.

“By flooding targets with gigantic volumes of traffic trying to stifle network capacity.”

Microsoft said the attack came from computers from China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and even the United States.

The company claims that its systems were able to block the attack on the client.

“In this case, attack traffic from the Asia-Pacific region and the United States did not reach the customer region,” Amir said.

“But has instead been toned down in source countries.”

But it’s a worrying sign that cyber DDoS attacks are getting more and more powerful.

Microsoft says it has also detected a 25% increase in the number of attacks since the last quarter of 2020.

It is not, however, the biggest DDoS attack of all time.

Microsoft’s own record may be 2.4 Tbps, but Google soaked up a whopping 2.54 Tbps in 2017.

The September attack Google blocked was part of a “six-month campaign” that “used multiple attack methods.”

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