Matter announces new design and software center in Pune

Ahmedabad-based Matter has announced its new design and software center in Pune. The new center will host future concepts and product lines for Matter’s mobility and energy storage products and experiences, the company said in a statement. Matter says its new design center will feature state-of-the-art infrastructure equipment and collaborative spaces that can deliver end-to-end research, design and development. Not only the mobility business, but also the company’s industrial products will also benefit from the new facility.

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Speaking on the occasion, Saran Babu, co-founder and CDO of Matter, said: “Our culture is formed around our core brand values ​​and the design center is at the heart of our value system. We are on a mission to transform the electricity and energy ecosystem in India and our new center is a big step in that direction. We are excited to create a highly engaging workspace that inspires and enables the fusion of design and technological innovation to redefine product design and user experience.

Matter’s first product will be a liquid-cooled electric motorcycle debuting in November 2022

Speaking on the occasion, Mohal Lalbhai, Founder and CEO of Matter said, “Design and technology are the key pillars of the Matter brand, we are excited about the principle of design innovation, creating an intuitive evolution and experiential, our soon to be EV motorcycle should reflect our core design principle and the new design center is at the dawn of our inspiring journey into the future which should be exciting and enduring.

Matter’s new design and software facility will house digital and physical clay modeling labs, color, materials, finishes, graphics and accessories labs, human-interaction prototyping labs, machine (HMI), VR modeling and multimedia interaction labs, and physical presentation spaces. The facility will accommodate designers of industrial applications, experiments and new media, as well as researchers and software engineers. The experience and research team will focus on identifying emerging trends and subconscious customer needs, the company said. This will help curate new experiences for the brand’s new-age clientele. During this time, the software team will work to build future programs and data ecosystems.

The new design and software center emerges as the company prepares to introduce its first-ever two-wheeler. Matter is working on its first electric motorcycle, which will be unveiled in November this year. It will be powered by the MatterEnergy 1.0 liquid-cooled battery and MatterDrive 1.0 motor, which will be a first in the segment.