Mansfield University students help bring Kirkby schoolboys’ monster drawings to life

The 18 students from Greenwood Elementary School were asked to draw pictures of what they think a monster looks like, using their vivid ideas to create their own weird and wonderful characters.

The project kicked off in October 2021 with media design and learning specialist Richard Marshall visiting the school in Sutton Middle Lane.

He asked the children in grades 4, 5 and 6 if they would like to take part in the drawing challenge, explaining that his talented digital media students would bring their ideas to the screen after their 3D modeling and design work.

Ahead of the college summer holidays, children and their teachers were welcomed to the Derby Road campus to watch the students’ showreel of their completed designs.

Student James Malko, who created a character called Hextravaganza, said: “I created him mostly from my imagination, but also from a game. He has basketball and beatbox skills. .

“The students made him spin the basketball and he moved too. It looked good and I loved how they added a dash on the design.

“I love designing games and if I was thinking of coming to college I would love to come here – it’s amazing.”

Level 3 Digital Media students Ash Walker and Felix Beaumont showed the group how they recreated the designs using 3D digital technology.

Felix, 17, said: “We learned how to 3D model and animate, so we took the kids’ pictures and turned them into 3D models – I hope everyone really likes their monsters.

We created over 40 slides from their work and used the program called Blender; especially for 3D modeling.

“It’s the main one we use, alongside Adobe Premier Pro which is used to add audio and video effects.

“I am coming back to college in September to study traditional art and learn more skills before going to university.

“I’ve always loved video games, so working on concept art in that area would be great. I’ve got my eye on a company in London where I’d like to work.”