Magic Leap 2 controllers leaked ahead of launch

In a Twitter post on Friday last week, Peter H Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman of XPRIZEphotographed himself wearing the currently unreleased Magic Leap 2 mixed reality (MR) headset.

In the post, Diamandis is holding a Magic Leap 2 controller, and so far no details have emerged regarding the controller for the MR headset, despite the post noting small components.

Most striking is a pair of cameras on either side of the controller supporting upside-down tracking, as well as an ergonomic design similar to the controllers in the Meta Quest 2.

Diamandis also announced that it would host Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap at the Abundance360 Summit in April 2022. The Summit will bring together diverse thought leaders, futurists and CEOs in a three-day event featuring keynotes, workshops and networking opportunities.

Magic Leap 2 Details

At the SPIE Photonics West 2022 conference on optics and photonics research in January, Kevin Curtis, Vice President of Optical Engineering, Magic Leap, revealed key details about the Magic Leap 2.

According to reports, the MR headset packs 18 built-in cameras and sensors to improve real-world tracking and can also help with controller tracking, based on the most recent leaks.

Additionally, the Magic Leap 2 is a tethered device, meaning users will need to physically connect the headset to a secondary computing “box” to offload processing power and improve battery performance.

Despite this, Curtis confirmed that the Magic Leap 2 includes an improved computer case that provides twice the power.

In December 2021, Magic Leap also revealed that it would partner with AMD to provide a powerful graphics processing unit for the outboard computing device used in the Magic Leap 2. Previously, the first Magic Leap headset used an NVIDIA chip Tegra.

The Magic Leap 2 improves the accessibility of MR experiences by improving the eye box — the horizontal and vertical distance between the lens and the eyes. The upgrade eye box incorporates focal lengths twice as large as the original headset, allowing it to easily support different focal lengths.

The Magic Leap 2 will also introduce Dynamic Dimming, a new feature allowing users to view MR overlays in a dark room or outdoor environment without visual errors. In addition, the new helmet contains an integrated eye-tracking secondary device to improve visual quality.

Magic Leap Ads

The news comes after Johnson discussed updates to the Magic Leap 2 headset in an interview last October with CNBC News. She claimed at the time that the flagship device would have a powerful heads-up display (HUD) and field of view, which she said was “the greatest [in] industry.”

Johnson told CNBC the Magic Leap 2 will be released in 2022, with some customers acquiring the headset through an early access program, though the company hasn’t released any updates of a 2022 release.

The news came after Magic Leap raised $500 million to revitalize the business. Fundraising efforts devalued the company to $2 billion, down from previous estimates of $3 billion.

The fundraising came after a previous investment of $350 million helped the company restructure after a tough time for the startup.