LEAP Awards 2022 Winners in the Software Category

The winners were announced yesterday at the 2022 LEAP Awards in the competitive program software category. Here are the descriptions of the three category medalists.


Power of Design™

Design Power dramatically reduces the time it takes to design a belt drive by automating the drive design process for application engineers and customers. Gates did this by creating extremely detailed product performance models and working with its experienced engineering teams to codify best practices into the program and turn tribal knowledge into scalable institutional knowledge. Design Power evolved from several computer-aided engineering programs at Gates, which were combined into one powerful platform. When creating the new Design Power platform, company employees spent considerable time investigating improved methods of modeling belt drive performance to improve the company’s peak capabilities and to ensure that customers can have confidence in the performance of their drive, without resorting to unnecessary over-engineering.

With Design Power, an engineer can easily and accurately design synchronous or V-belt industrial drive systems that match their specific design parameters. They have the ability to set up complicated belt drives and determine the appropriate belt widths. Easily determine proper belt installation tensions, calculate belt pull and estimate cost savings by replacing roller chain with a Gates belt drive. Design Power also adds new organizational features comparable to the best digital collaboration tools for engineers who frequently collaborate on drive designs by tracking design derivatives and iterations, keeping multiple designs in a single project file, and noting who made the changes along the way.


Paro Software B.V.
Hydro Sym

HydroSym is software created by hydraulic engineers for hydraulic engineers, specifically for the design of hydraulic systems. It is a dedicated and stand-alone software solution with all the tools needed to draw flawless hydraulic diagrams. With HydroSym’s intuitive, intelligent features and extensive built-in library of over 40,000 hydraulic parts, HydroSym helps engineers save design hours, eliminate human error, and deliver perfect designs faster.

HydroSym schematics can be used with HydroMan to design hydraulic manifolds. HydroSym is standalone software, which makes it light and fast. Intuitive features get you started and drawing the first diagram in minutes. The extensive library of hydraulic components and symbols includes data sheets with detailed product information. This allows the engineer to automatically generate a bill of materials after the design is complete. HydroSym software development, along with ongoing monthly updates, is done with feedback and feedback from a global user base ranging from large multinational corporations to independent engineers.


Beckhoff Automation
TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor

TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor, a powerful new feature of Beckhoff’s TwinCAT/BSD operating system, enables the simultaneous execution of virtual machines and TwinCAT real-time applications on an industrial PC (IPC). The optimized hypervisor integration in TwinCAT/BSD, as well as the corresponding Beckhoff hardware and software configurations, provide maximum performance for virtual machines – often referred to as VMs – while maintaining the real-time properties of TwinCAT for the automating.

The high-performance execution of virtual machines means that different operating systems can be used on an IPC so that users can take advantage of the features and strengths of each. Additionally, users can improve overall system security properties by operating user environments in a modular and isolated manner. For example, TwinCAT real-time applications can run separately from a Windows desktop environment for machine operation on an IPC. In this context, the Windows operating system runs in a virtual machine environment. Therefore, when Windows restarts, for example due to software updates, it will not interrupt the execution of the machine control. This ensures optimal machine availability since Windows only restarts in the virtual machine environment and TwinCAT continues to operate in the real-time context supported by the TwinCAT/BSD host.

Using the device passthrough feature of TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor, hardware resources such as GPU, USB ports and/or network interfaces can be explicitly assigned to a virtual machine. In this way, access to the TwinCAT/BSD system through user and/or network interfaces can be limited, creating opportunities to enhance the security of the control system. The TwinCAT/BSD hypervisor also supports running Linux distributions on the controller.

Congratulations to all of this year’s LEAP award winners!

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