Leaked PS VR2 photo shows headset, controllers and cable length

While PlayStation has been pretty open with several details regarding the upcoming PS VR2 peripheral for PS5, we’ve yet to see a unit other than staged promo shots with layered backgrounds. Everything changed when a developer (we’ll spare sharing his name because he’s probably in enough trouble) posted on Twitter a photo of a PS VR2 unit he had received (at first glance, a final, version of commercial style, not a development kit), and had unpacked on an office chair.

One of the main things missing from all of Sony’s marketing images was the cable. We knew the PS VR2 would have a single cord to power and transmit data between it and the console, but the length of the cable was a mystery. While the image doesn’t give us a conclusive length, it looks like it (despite being rolled up) is longer than the original PS VR’s 4.4m length. What seems to be missing is any ability to adjust the volume via the cord, as the original PS VR had a built-in volume (and power) control box – potentially the volume control will be built into the headset itself, or will be something you can only control through the UI.

Adopting the model set by Nintendo when the Wii launched in 2006 (and was also part of the PlayStation Move controllers), the Sense controllers will also have strap attachments. Although the contents of the bags in the image are unclear, we can assume that the standard USB cable for charging the Sense controllers, as well as the headphones will also be provided in the package.

Since the original Twitter post, the tweet has been deleted, but not before VR fans such as @ParolePSVR recovered the leaked images and spread them on the Internet. The headset is now out of the bag, how long before PlayStation officially describes more?