League of Legends will battle third-party software and dodging issues during preseason

Posted: 2022-09-30T22:02:22

Updated: 2022-09-30T22:02:44

The League of Legends devs have revealed a few changes to Ranked Queues that may alleviate dodging issues.

One of the most common complaints from League of Legends players about ranked queues is the prevalence of dodging or exiting a game lobby just before the match starts.

Dodging is especially a problem at high levels of the game, where the player population is much lower, and therefore it can take much longer to get into a game.

Riot Games has been working hard to try and combat dodging throughout this season, but they have now announced new measures to combat dodging.

League of Legends Announces Anonymous Champion Select and Other Changes

In order to combat players who search for their allies in the pre-game lobby and choose to dodge whenever a player is out of their main role or on a winning streak, Riot announced that he “probably [b]We are hiding all Summoner names in Champion Select for Ranked Solo/Duo.

This would combat players who use third-party sites like OP.GG to get information about their teammates. In fact, Riot continued that “[w]We think the best version of League isn’t the one where you metagame based on players in your lobby, weigh in on who’s on a win or lose streak or play another champion, and dodge or pressure others to that they dodge when your setup isn’t perfect the conditions.”

Players seem split over the decision, with some praising the change as removing the incentive to dodge, while others say it’s valuable to have information about their teammates, especially if it’s one -tricks.

Riot Games

League of Legends will attempt to discourage players from dodging ranked matches.

In addition to anonymous lobbies, League of Legends may implement more quality of life changes to ranked queues, including the ability to swap your position in pick order and provide recommended rune builds.

With these changes, along with the other rank changes, it looks like League of Legends is aiming to improve the rank experience for everyone.