Jon Carling’s pencil and ink drawings evoke mythical beings and surreal sorcery

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#drawing #Jon Carling #pen #pencil drawing

August 16, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Jon Carling, shared with permission

From his Northern California studio, the artist Jon Carling summons the metaphysical by scribbling scenes tinged with magic and fantasy. He works in pen and pencil, layering wispy lines and marks in a wave of flowers enveloping a levitating figure or a beam radiating from a woman’s eyes. Many works feature an element of hidden sorcery, veiling the largely natural subject matter with a mysteriously powerful energy.

Although devoid of color, Carling’s drawings capture the trippy, psychedelic imagination associated with the rock music that dominated the 60s and 70s and provided the soundtrack to his childhood home. “I’ve been drawing every day since I can remember,” he shares. “Drawing has always been a therapeutic and comforting activity for me, and I grew up spending a lot of time in my bedroom filling out sketchbooks.” Its subject matter and style refer to those early years of his life, evoking the video games, cartoons, comics and picture books he immersed himself in.

Shop originals and stickers on his websiteand follow Carling on instagram to follow his latest works on paper.

#drawing #Jon Carling #pen #pencil drawing

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