Jetcam will present new software at EuroBLECH

Jetcam recently announced an upcoming presentation of its latest three flagship products: Jetcam Expert, Jetcam Orders Controller and CrossTrack – which will be showcased at EuroBLECH October 25-28 in Hannover, Germany.

Improving nesting automation, Jetcam Expert v23 includes many new and improved features, including additions and improvements to Avoid Holes, Avoid Heat and Common Cutting. Punching customers benefit from a new sheet metal cutting function, allowing the creation of tools to cut off-cuts. Profiling customers also benefit from the new ‘corner free’ feature, which quickly creates laser tooling on a contour to release material around corners, ensuring parts do not get stuck during automatic unloading.

A new high performance nesting option is now available with many new features including giving programmers the choice to choose a mix between more or less nesting patterns and material efficiency. This release also includes support for several new punching and profiling machines.

Jetcam Orders Controller automates the CAD import and nesting process, taking data from ERP and automatically creating machined components or assemblies for automatic nesting. A new material translation file allows customers using external software such as ERP or MES to easily map material types to those used in Jetcam Expert. Component Reprogramming includes a new feature that enhances its current ability to retool entire repertoires of components for new materials or even new machines. In addition, assembly copy/mirror also includes new features. Premium and Premium Automation versions now support Jetcam Expert Lite.

Jetcam’s manufacturing suite, CrossTrack, now supports the sheet metal and composites industries. The “Process” functionality, previously a separate module, is now part of the base system and allows users to create unlimited operations which can then be assigned to components or assemblies. Coupled with the creation of virtual shop floor machines that can be interfaced via APIs, this allows planning and two-way communication with any suitable shop floor machine.

The first of these integrations is with Italian CNC brake manufacturer Schiavi. CrossTrack can receive live bend status of components being processed, which can then also be fed back to the ERP. Other updates include a new Spreadsheet Nests tab on the Orders screen, allowing users to quickly perform common tasks with newly generated nests, a new reporting engine, and updates to performance in software.

All JETCAM products now support software licenses as well as USB dongles, allowing businesses to take advantage of powerful cloud computing rather than having to rely on on-premises computing.

Martin Bailey, Managing Director of Jetcam International, said: “These are just a small number of the features released, and are the culmination of over 15,000 man-hours of development across multiple extended teams. . While many features and enhancements are based on customer feedback, all three products contain developments that enhance our reach and integration on the shop floor and with other systems such as ERP, MES and process monitoring. machines. We will demonstrate our integration with Schiavi bending cells, as well as our cooperation with the Zoomfab machine monitoring system which will also be presented alongside us on the stand.

JETCAM will be present in hall 12, stand F86 alongside Schiavi and Zoomfab.