Intellihot’s telliBot_ai Wins Best New Software Product in 2022 Edison Awards Category

telliBot_ai software uses advanced intelligence and sensory technology to more accurately predict the remaining life of existing water heaters. This software provides customers with more efficient and reliable forecasts while reducing costs and protecting the environment. Current telliBot_ai customers include Benihana Inc., the international restaurant chain, and RA Sushi.

“At Intellihot, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation,” said the founder and CEO of Intellihot, Sridhar Deivasigamani, who attended the Edison Awards in person. “To be recognized for this at the Edison Awards is an honor and helps position us as a leading innovative cleantech company.”

“The expert Edison Award judges were impressed with Intellihot’s telliBot_ai powered analyzer with its ability to help consumers meet their sustainability goals, while improving the performance and longevity of their water heaters,” mentioned Frank Bonafiliaexecutive director of the Edison Awards.

“The peace of mind that Intellihot’s telliBot_ai has given us has been invaluable,” mentioned JoDee JohnsonSenior Director of Design, Construction and Facilities at Benihana, Inc. “It provides us with increased efficiency, reliability and durability that are essential to our day-to-day operations. We cannot afford the time, cost or energy it would take to resolve unexpected water heater malfunctions, but the telliBot_ai guarantees that we can never have to.”

Intellihot’s clean technology products are used nationwide by large facilities, including hotels, restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, and more. Current Intellihot customers include Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Benihana and Levi’s Stadium, home of the NFL. San Francisco 49ers.

About Intellihot

Founded in 2009, Intellihot creates transformative next-generation technology solutions to transform the built environment, providing customers with increased efficiency, reliability, security and sustainability. Specifically designed for commercial applications, Intellihot’s advanced technology solutions are carefully engineered to provide decades of reliable, predictable service, reducing wasted water and energy as well as capital and operating costs for clients.

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