How to find public Google docs (as well as slides, forms, sheets, and drawings)

Like most other things online, you can find public Google docs, slides, spreadsheets, and more that are great for templates. Here’s how.

You can literally find anything online; that is, if you know how to look and where to look. For example, you can find a particular photo more easily by using the right query and searching through Google Images.

Similarly, you can easily find public Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Sheets using simple yet advanced search operations and tools. In this article, we’ll show you some simple tricks to help you find public Google Drive files, including slides, forms, sheets, and drawings.

1. Use Google Search to Find Public Google Docs and More

There are several ways to find public Google Drive files through Google search. You can do this using the following string:

keyword site:

For example, to search for Google Drive public presentations on the “business plan”, type the following into your browser’s address bar:

business plan site:

You can also use one of the following:

  • site: keyword
  • site: keyword

2. Use Google’s Advanced Search to Find Public Google Docs and More

You can also use Google Advanced Search to find public Google Drive files. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google Advanced Search.
  2. Go to the Find pages with… and enter all the words you want to search for in the …all these words field. For example, “business plan”. You can choose to search for specific words instead, among others.
  3. Scroll to website or domain box and fill in the details, for example, “”, if you are looking for Google Docs specifically.
  4. Fill in any other specific fields you want to include.
  5. When finished, click Advanced search.

Click on any of the results to view them in Google Docs. If you’ve used other Google search tricks and operators, this should sound familiar.

You can also access publicly indexed Google Drive files by entering one of the following shortcuts in the website or domain field while using the advanced search method described above.

  • For text documents:
  • For presentations:
  • For drawings:
  • For files such as images, audio, video, PDF, etc. :
  • For folders:
  • For other documents:

3. Search Folders to Find Public Google Docs and More

You can also search for Google Drive public folders by copying and pasting the following into your address bar:

keyword site://

For example, to find all Google Docs folders containing JPEG files, copy and paste the following into your browser:


4. Use Heystack to Find Public Google Docs and More

Heystack lets you discover the best Google Docs, Sheets and Slides created by community members.

Haystack is free and easy to use. Here’s how to find public Google Drive files with Heystack:

  1. Go to hey stack.
  2. Enter your query in the Look for box or click on one of the categories listed under Filter results.
  3. Scroll to Results section and click on the one that interests you.
  4. Click either on Open documentation page Where Open source doc.

    The former will open the document in Heystack’s native document viewer, while the latter will open the document in your Google Docs.

  5. You can make a copy of the document and save it to Google Drive.

5. Use Gdrive Search to Find Public Google Docs and More

Google Drive Search, also known as Gdrive Search, lets you easily search public Google Drive files, just like you search your own Google Drive. It’s also free and super easy to use.

Here’s how to search for public Google Drive files with Gdrive Search:

  1. Go to Gdrive Search.
  2. Enter your keyword in the space provided and click on either Doctor Where Conduct or press Walk in.
  3. It will run either a website: search by keyword or site: keyword search accordingly.

Easily find public Google Drive files

Whether you’re looking for documents, slides, spreadsheets, forms, or drawings, you can find them all and more using these public search techniques on Google Drive.

Google Drive’s public files are an untapped goldmine that can change the way you search. You can add it to your regular search routine to boost your results, whether you’re searching on Amazon or YouTube.