How do Furry Sonic and Knuckles controllers work?

The marketing of the second sonic the hedgehog the movie was an absolute dream to watch unfold. From posters that pay homage to classic game covers to adorable interviews that recall Knuckles loves grapes, the effort to get us hyped for Sonic’s second theatrical release has been pretty incredible. That being said, there are marketing efforts that are a bit… hairy.

Yeah. I have furbaby Sonic and Knuckles controllers y’all!

According to Xbox Wire, “The custom black Xbox Series S console features a shiny gold portal ring on its surface next to an embossed Sonic the Hedgehog 2 logo. With textured overlays reminiscent of the “spiky” texture of hedgehogs in the wild, the new Xbox Wireless Controllers are available in Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red.

Are these controllers real? !


Do they work well?

xbox sonic

Let me just say that as a lifelong Sonic fan, having Xbox send me this package is one of the most ‘way beyond cool’ things to ever come to my doorstep. . My first impressions of the controllers were a solid “huh, that’s…huh”, but curiosity is a hell of a thing, so I had to know how well they worked.

First and foremost, the Xbox itself is pretty cool, and the case where the controllers come in goes straight to the heart of my Sonic fangirl. I think it’s a fun collectible, maybe even hang on your wall if you have the proper tools to get it up there.

That said, I’m sure no one would be surprised to learn that playing with controllers is a bit… uh… well, let me just say that you’ll want to do this:

One question I was asked was how controllers would handle sweaty palms. After all, depending on the game you’re playing, you could very well hang on to the controller for life. I will be honest. I used the controller for, like, thirty minutes—and yes, I did player Ring of Eldennot because I’m a masochist, but because I’m a masochist who wanted a witty title.

The reason I shortened my playtime is because there is SO much fur on the controller that it covers the buttons. The fur has a bit of a coarse texture, which I don’t mind, but having to search for the buttons through the fur can be annoying – especially the set in the middle of the controller, which is much smaller than the A, Buttons B, X and Y.

I used the one from Knuckles, in particular, and all I wanted to do was figure out which buttons I needed. The center buttons, in particular, are virtually invisible. This is not always a problem as these buttons can be used to pause your game, but in Elden Ring’s case, this is how you get to the menu screen and your map. Trust me when I say you’ll sift through a lot of fur to get to the button you need. It’s a shame because I don’t mind the idea behind the controllers, there’s just TOO MUCH FUR and I had to stop myself from grabbing a pair of scissors. Who knows. Maybe I would.


Luckily, I’m only about three hours into the game, so I’m still embracing the art of “summon your horse and run.”

Eventually I just uncovered the buttons as much as I could, which worked pretty well, but I still ended up guessing where the buttons were through the fur. Overall, I’d say they make a cute novelty item, but you’ll probably want a regular Xbox controller for gaming instead of a Sonic and/or Knuckles Hair Pack. The console, however, is definitely worth having, perhaps with a chili-and-fox dog companion that can fly an airplane.

(Image: By.Pics. & SEGA/From Software)

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