High quality software version 7.0

High QA, a provider of quality management software solutions that enable manufacturing companies to efficiently create, manage and monitor all quality requirements for manufactured parts, today announced version 7.0 of its quality management software. manufacturing quality.

This latest release targets APQP/PPAP quality processes by incorporating new technology advancements from the High QA 360 platform, including production quality planning workflows, improved reporting and documentation capabilities for FAI, APQP and PPAP, additional quality process features and overall improvements.

With version 7.0, high AQ improves the manufacturing quality management process and establishes the innovative High QA 360 platform. Adding new features and extending the software further facilitates documentation of APQP/PPAP quality and reports throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Users can now review any job or order to see what documents are required, what stage the documents are at, and who is responsible for a particular document with complete transparency and accountability.

Key Features of High QA 7.0
Production quality planning
high AQ PQP (Production Quality Planning) is an innovative, non-Excel based project management solution enabling quality and manufacturing teams to plan, implement and monitor all quality and documentation requirements such as PPAP on their manufactured parts.

  • Ready-to-use and configurable standard templates for FAI, SPC capacity studies, Gage R&R, P-Flow, P-FMEA, control plan, etc.
  • Dynamic report generation for ongoing document management without using Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Automatic notifications, signature assignments and document approval management
  • Complete revision control and activity history traceability of all documents

Tabbed drawings
Inspection plans for part instances of tabbed drawings are centrally configured and launched via “master parts” in high quality. The complete tool kit allows you to:

  • Create a “Tab Master” Part Record and Set the Tab Dimensions
  • Automatically extract the table of tabulated parameters from the drawing with OCR technology
  • Generate part records with a single click for one or all tabbed instances

Parts categories
Part categories allow users to create templates for settings and preferences that can be applied when creating new parts. Part records inherit settings and preferences from the assigned part category. This allows for unparalleled standardization across your organization and highly efficient creation of all parts/work records.

Job Release Control
High QA has implemented a new feature allowing users to define when a job or project is in “Planning” or “Active” status.

  • Planning stage – Creating an inflated drawing, defining inspection requirements and operations, etc. Inspection results cannot be saved at the planning stage.
  • Active Stage – Outing in the workshop. Active recording of inspection results. The bubble drawing, inspection requirements, operations, etc. cannot be changed.

All new features and enhancements work seamlessly with a centralized database and create integrated quality management software for manufacturing.

“High QA continues to help companies move from manual quality processes focused on pass/fail assessments at the end of manufacturing to an automated proactive quality solution preventing errors during the manufacturing process,” says Sam Golan , Founder and CEO, high AQ. “This type of quality management solution creates a collaboration between engineering and manufacturing that delivers significant value to OEMs, manufacturers and supply chains by delivering quality parts on time and in time, every time. respecting the budget. Version 7.0 of our software along with the High QA 360 platform is another revolutionary technology in manufacturing quality management that we are proud to share with our customers.