Gekko updates InLine Leach Reactor software and hardware

australia Gekko, a global technical leader in gold processing and low-energy mining solutions, announced an update to the Inline Leach Reactor (ILR), a proven technology that applies well-known principles for leaching intensive gold or silver concentrates. The ILR was first introduced to the market in 1996 and now provides operational benefits in over 30 countries.

Fully optimized for mining operations, the ILR delivers consistent free gold recoveries of over 98% as well as superior gold recoveries from complex sulphide ores. Leaching of coarse gravity concentrates (>300 microns) and recycling of leaching solutions reduce energy and operating costs. Fast leaching kinetics and an automated system allow for rapid recovery.

Instead of theft-prone open vibrating tables, the closed ILR has lockable access points to protect against theft and reduce manual handling. The ILR can be easily adapted to any grinding circuit. The space-saving modular design requires minimal space for integration. ILR’s chemical handling is automated and important leaching parameters are electronically controlled, making operations faster and safer. The residues generated are smaller and can be coupled with the detoxification of cyanide, which protects the environment.

ILR Updates

New and improved software and hardware updates are the result of work undertaken by Gekko’s design and automation teams in conjunction with feedback received from sites.

Updated features include the following:

  • Automatic recirculation line flushing system;
  • Pipes, automatic valve and flow meter;
  • PLC program update;
  • Discharge valve actuated on the discharge hopper;
  • Improved process optimization to run ILR;
  • Robust sequencing with more detailed settings and options;
  • Remote support options;
  • Options for enhanced analytics, part wear tracking and automated batch reporting;
  • Additional equipment tags are available and visible on the DCS/SCADA system.

All current ILR models are running the latest updates. Click on here to learn more.