FlipBuilder offers flipbook software to make content creation easy

“This flipbook software supports sharing flipbook online with its unique URL via social media platforms.”

FlipBuilder has launched its easy-to-use HTML5 flipbook software with a powerful media editor that greatly simplifies the creation process and unleashes creativity.

PDF reading is gradually being replaced by flipbook reading due to the latter’s advantages, such as page turning effects and printed book-like sound, easy access without downloading, and rich media elements appealing to readers. . “The flip book software – Flip PDF Plus Pro not only comes to the rescue for fast batch PDF conversion, but also helps bring your content to life in a more interactive and fun way to engage readers with its built-in media editor,” said FlipBuilder Customer Service Manager Lynn Tang said, “The flipbook is easily completed with just a few clicks because everything from converting to editing to sharing requires no coding skills.

This flipbook software allows simple conversion of a PDF or static image to an HTML5 flipbook in seconds. Batch conversion of multiple PDFs is an innovation that saves a lot of time. The next steps to beautify the appearance of the flipbook are ready after it is converted. Pre-made templates, themes and scenes are designed to match the style of the flipbook and speed up idea generation. Customizable settings such as logo settings, sound settings, toolbar settings, etc. allow users to design a professional flipbook with distinctive features.

Achieving active and rich interaction with flipbook readers is the raison d’être of FlipBuilder’s flipbook software. The media editor helps users present dynamic content by simply dragging and dropping to add videos, audio, animations, hyperlinks, etc., to provide more information and grab attention readers. Videos provide a vivid presentation of content and trigger actions such as phone calls and links, which are helpful in taking the first step towards building a relationship with readers.

Offline and online flipbooks are available on Flip PDF Plus Pro. Users can publish their flipbooks in HTML file or WordPress plugin formats accessible online, while flipbooks in EXE, APP and APK formats support offline reading. Powered by HTML5 technology, the flipbooks created by this flipbook software are responsive on screens of different sizes, both in web browsers and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Sharing flipbooks on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms as well as embedding them on websites for greater exposure are popular practices.

To learn more about flipbook software, Flip PDF Plus Pro, please visit FlipBuilderName.

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is a pioneer with a solid reputation in the development of digital publishing software. Its software supports importing PDF files – like magazines, catalogs, or brochures – and creating digital flipbooks to share with the world with the click of a button.

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