Fantastic Drawings of Demons from 1565

The Funny Dreams of Pantagruel is a collection of 120 demonic woodcuts from 1565. These impressive and grotesque figures are reminiscent of by Hieronymus Bosch surreal art. Many goblins and ghosts in the series are dressed in fanciful outfits and pose in comical ways. It is widely believed that François Desprez, a French engraver and illustrator drew them, but we don’t know for sure. The artist clearly had an exceptional imagination and a sense of humor too.

The funny dreams of Pantagruel

Watch: The Demonic Doodles of 1565

From YouTube’s description:

The Funny Dreams of Pantagruel is a collection of 120 bizarre “demon doodles”. Many of these monsters are comical, striking absurd and amusing poses. Others are a bit more disturbing, with unnerving expressions and hollow, emotionless faces. These sketches are so fantastically bizarre: they draw on the disturbing art of Hieronymous Bosch and the grotesque monsters of medieval manuscripts.

Curiously, there are no words to accompany these drawings, so we are left to guess their meaning. I suspect that beneath these whimsical sketches lurk hidden messages that poke fun at the powers that be. Hidden jokes at the expense of the nobility and the Catholic Church. While I’ve tried to explain the meaning of some, I’m at a loss for words with most others… but it’s fun to guess!

After a week of vacation (it was wonderful thank you), I’m back to my usual schedule. This video was fun to make, and I’m still learning a lot as I go. Hope you enjoy this one! The channel is at 586k subscribers, thank you all!