Exhibit Reveals Rare Futuristic Neo Tokyo Production Drawings From Anime Classic ‘Akira’

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Akira, cut #1, final production background detail, Toshiharu Mizutani, color poster on paper, 93 x 53 centimeters. All photos from AKIRA (Movie), based on the graphic novel AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo. First published by Young Magazine, Kodansha Ltd. © MASH • ROOM / AKIRA COMMITTEE, shared with permission

Katsuhiro OtomoThe 1988 sci-fi classic Akira had an unparalleled influence on anime and film, and exposure to Tchoban Foundation in Berlin features the original designs that brought its futuristic cyberpunk setting to life. Akira – Neo Tokyo Architecture features 59 production backgrounds, layouts, concepts and image boards, many of which have never been shown publicly. The collection includes now iconic works by artistic director Toshiharu Mizutani and his collaborators Katsufumi Hariu, Norihiro Hiraki, Shinji Kimura, Satoshi Kuroda, Hiromasa Ogura, Hiroshi Ōno, Hajime Soga, Tsutomu Uchida and Takashi Watabe.

Otomo first released the dystopian story as a manga series in 1982 before turning it into a highly influential action movie a few years later. The narrative follows the characters Shōtarō Kaneda, the telekinetic Tetsuo Shim and their friends, as they navigate the imaginary Japanese metropolis of Neo Tokyo with its neon streetlights, crumbling infrastructure and relentless post-apocalyptic vibe.

Prior to the exhibition, curator Stefan Riekeles also published the book Animated Architecture: Imaginary Worlds and Endless Megacities. The volume contains fantastic scenes from various animated classics, including ghost in the shell and Metropolis. You can see Akira – Neo Tokyo Architecture until September 4, and according to That’s rightthe show could travel to London next.

Akira, model no. 182, final production background, Toshiharu Mizutani, color poster on paper, 55 x 42 centimeters

Akira, model no. 2211, final production background, Hiroshi Ohno, color poster on paper, 50 x 36 centimeters

Akira, model no. 2204, picture board, Toshiharu Mizutani, color poster on paper, 25 x 35 centimeters

Akira, model no. 700, Toshiharu Mizutani final production background, color poster on paper, 26 x 37 centimeters

Akira, model no. 214, final production background, Toshiharu Mizutani, color poster on paper, 25.5 x 37 centimeters

#anime #architecture #drawing #movie #science fiction

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