Epsilon – New light-intensive confocal controllers measure at high speed, even on dark or rough surfaces

August 01, 2022

Micro-Epsilon has expanded its confocalDT line of confocal controllers with two new industrial-grade controllers for distance and thickness measurements on a variety of materials, including dark or rough surfaces.

The confocalDT 2465 single-channel controller and the confocalDT 2466 dual-channel controller offer extremely high light intensity at high measurement frequencies of up to 30 kHz.

The confocal measuring principle is designed for high-accuracy non-contact displacement, distance and position measurement on any surface: solid, transparent, mirror-polished surfaces, low-reflective matte surfaces and even liquids. If a surface is transparent, a one-sided thickness measurement can be obtained with built-in correction for the refractive index of the material.

The confocalDT 2465 and confocalDT 2466 controllers are suitable for use with all Micro-Epsilon chromatic confocal sensors. The controllers are extremely light-intensive, which allows good signal stability and therefore stable measurements, even on dark or rough surfaces. Very fast measurements are possible on shiny targets.

The confocalDT 2465 is designed for one measurement channel. With the confocalDT 2466, two measurement channels can be processed via a single controller, which offers a price advantage for multi-channel applications. Measurement acquisition is synchronous and can be performed using the full measurement rate for both channels.

Very often, confocal sensors are selected when laser triangulation or other optical sensors are not sufficiently accurate or stable on the measured surface. Additionally, confocal sensors have an extremely small spot diameter, typically a few microns, and measure in the vertical plane, so they do not suffer from shading from reflected light. This also allows measurement in small bores and holes.

Almost all industries benefit from this measurement principle as it can be used in both R&D and in-process measurements. In particular, the semiconductor, microlens, auto parts, medical, glass, and MEMS industries use this sensor technology in many ways.

Multi-peak versions
As with previous models, Multi-Peak controllers are also available for the confocalDT 2465 and 2466. These allow layer thickness measurements of up to five clear layers. Integration and commissioning (interfaces, ASCII commands, parameterization, etc.) are identical to existing confocalDT 242x controllers, as are the dimensions of the controller.

Thanks to a user-friendly web interface, no additional software is required to configure the controller and sensors. Data output is via Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 or analog. Optional interface modules are also available to allow data output via Profinet or EtherNet/IP.

For more information on Micro-Epsilon’s confocalDT 2465 and 2466 please visit www.micro-epsilon.co.uk or call Micro-Epsilon’s sales department on +44 (0)151 355 6070 or email email to [email protected] co.uk.

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