Ear Micro and Klipsch Audio Unveil Custom T10 Ear Computers

Ear Micro and Klipsch Audio have teamed up to deliver an unprecedented set of tiny, custom-designed in-ear computers that deliver true high-fidelity sound and advanced technical prowess in one-third the size of traditional wireless headphones. Arriving in a charging case that looks more like a supercar key, the deluxe headphones are individually designed and made to order, available in a variety of deluxe materials common in fine jewelry and watchmaking, including gold 18k yellow, sterling silver, pearl polish, charcoal ceramic zirconia, PanAm handcrafted leathers and much more.

“The T10 custom-designed over-the-ear computers are the ultimate luxury statement. Affluent consumers have always been able to collect beautiful automobiles, yachts, and airplanes, while sporting high fashion, exquisite eyewear, precious jewelry, and other personalized accessories. “Said Patsy Nigh, co-founder of EAR Micro in a statement. “But to date, they have not been able to buy true luxury earphones: products that offer the best sound, the most advanced technology and the finest style and craftsmanship in the world.”

Through a configurator, customers are encouraged to match their personal style to their custom devices with thousands of color and material combinations to choose from. Once purchased, custom-made T10 ear computers can be repaired, renewed and upgraded endlessly so that longevity is no longer an issue. “Everything is meticulously assembled using the exact same techniques you would find in a fine Swiss watch,” continues Nigh.

Custom T10 ear computers are now available online. Pricing is expected to range between $2,500 and $5,000 USD with additional customization options available upon request.

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