Cool off with Lotte Cassidy’s drawings of London’s lidos and air-conditioned shops around

London heat wave is the continuation of his series Lockdown days, who documented Lotte’s daily walks and the realities of isolation. After the lockdowns, when things started to open up, the illustrator noticed a change in her drawings. Tones shifted from deep blues and grays to pinks, greens, and oranges, and (quite understandably) lone characters began to morph into groups of friends. And so, inspired by the changes she saw, Lotte then set about collecting and expanding this body of work by encapsulating something people could relate to – “a hot, sticky summer in London”.

To perfectly represent the images and sensations of a heat wave, Lotte draws very quickly with a feeling of immediacy and urgency, imagining, quite rightly, that “everything melts”. She adds, “The smudged textures, reflected light, fast marking, and juicy colors create a feeling of that radiant warmth.” This texture, combined with his love for using interesting perspectives, gives his drawings a hazy feel, like a memory straight from his mind. This approach is found brilliantly in its image Amy, Maya, Bebe and Alex at Clissold Park, the sketchy grass and pink sky create a dreamlike quality, while the top-down angle makes it look like you’re part of the gang, standing tall, taking a picture.

Away from dry land, Lotte’s brilliant blue stretches of water have a sumptuously alluring quality, inviting you to take a leisurely swim or simply laze by the waves with a cool drink. So why not step away from the sweltering heat for a moment – ​​and the lingering refrain of “It’s really hot, isn’t it?” – and browse Lotte’s beautiful designs.