ConnectWise Unveils Expanded Partner Program and New Products at IT Nation – Software

ConnectWise announced a new access management product and the expansion of its partner program at its IT Nation Connect event last week in Orlando, Florida.

New tools for technology service providers (TSPs) were announced at the conference, including features that facilitate automation and streamline business management.

The company launched ConnectWise Access Management, a recently announced ConnectWise Labs product, which is a privileged access management solution that provides temporary, credential-less administrative login accounts, as well as credential-less approval and denial of user requests. elevation of end users.

Existing ConnectWise Control, Automate, Command and RMM partners will have access to a free trial of ConnectWise Access Management starting December 16. The provider promises reduced ticket volumes, enhanced security, improved customer experience and the ability to redeploy resources to generate additional revenue.

ConnectWise has also added a free business continuity and disaster recovery program to its partner program, aimed at helping TSPs build, launch and grow a successful cyber practice. The company said the program has 2,000 registered members, claiming they are growing their e-businesses four times faster than other ConnectWise partners.

ConnectWise also introduced two new teams to serve partners with a combination of deep strategy and rapid innovation. Its Product Security Response Team will bring a security mindset to all phases of product development and engineering, ensuring cybersecurity is considered in all ConnectWise products, from planning to design. through execution. ConnectWise also created a new special operations unit, ConnectWise Labs, which was designed to analyze data and predict and create solutions for TSPs with ConnectWise Access Management. This team will focus on incubating and testing new ideas alongside existing innovation roadmaps.

ConnectWise also announced a new alliance with global channel partner Arrow Electronics to simplify the digital supply chain, drive innovation and improve TSP profitability.

As part of the first initiative of this alliance, ConnectWise partners will have access to an integrated experience within the platform to simplify research and quoting, provisioning, subscription management and customer billing through Arrow. ConnectWise said the partnership will eliminate several manual and time-consuming tasks, while giving TSPs access to a wider range of products and vendors.

In partnership with CompTIA, ConnectWise shared the launch of the Ticket to Tech professional training initiative. This program will connect technology learners from ConnectWise Partners seeking employment.

“To future-proof the TSP channel as they navigate the infinite edge of computing, ConnectWise is moving towards faster innovation with the Asio platform as a centralized data layer that can scale with AI. predictive and advisory,” said ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee. said.

“The partnerships and enhancements we announced today are examples of the breadth of services we can bring together in a way that is meaningful to partners, powerful in its extensibility, and rooted in secure development principles.”

ConnectWise has also expanded its cybersecurity portfolio and, in some cases, partnered with other vendors to offer increased capabilities.

This includes ConnectWise Vulnerability Management which automates routine scanning of an environment for vulnerabilities, reducing potential cyber risks by increasing protection in these areas. The cybersecurity portfolio also includes SASE by ConnectWise and Exium which offers endpoint protection against malware and data leaks with several technologies that partners would typically have to purchase individually. IAM by ConnectWise and Evo extends protection for MSP-centric multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and increased defense against insiders.