Complex device driver software facilitates development of BMS for electric vehicles

09-06-2022 | Renesas | Automotive Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released an AUTOSAR-compliant CDD software module for designers of automotive BMSs in electric vehicles. The new software works with its ISL78714 Li-Ion battery management IC to speed up design and optimize performance for next-generation systems.

The CDD software is created to work with the company’s Winning Combination BMS reference design hardware kit, which includes the ISL78714 integrated circuit and the RH850/P1M microcontroller. The CDD provides configuration and integration of the necessary MCAL modules provided for the RH850 MCU. It offers a complete low-level software solution for collecting battery cell voltage and temperature measurements and controlling IC cell balancing functions. Configurable parameters determine the number of cells in the BMS system and the preferred battery cell data collection rate.

CDD software offers a simple yet comprehensive API that allows end-user application software to receive real-time battery cell measurements. The software interfaces and protocol handling needed to operate the ISL78714 are built into the CDD software and run on top of the existing lower level SPI, GPIO and GPT drivers included in the MCAL modules. CDD software provides customers with a functional architecture to simplify their software design. This allows them to focus their efforts on the unique features of their app.

The new software follows ISO26262 ASIL D (the highest level of automotive functional safety) development processes. The RH850/P1M MCU and MCAL modules also achieve ASIL D. The ISL78714 CDD software is a huge asset as a template for successful ASIL D software development. Customers who wish to be assisted in their design can work under contract with the company’s partner, TATA Elxsi, to develop their system.

“As the electric vehicle market continues to grow rapidly, battery management is a critical component to the success of new vehicles,” said Niall Lyne, Vice President of Automotive Analog Power and Video Business at Renesas. “The Renesas ISL78714 IC combined with our new CDD software helps our customers get the best possible performance from their battery management systems, reduces their development schedule and simultaneously eases the difficult process of meeting stringent ASIL D safety requirements. “

“The unique features of the Renesas ISL78714 battery management IC, combined with the new CDD software, provide a powerful platform to expand our embedded BMS,” said Chris Klesyk, Vice President, Battery Management for Our Next Energy. “This technology partnership is fundamental to ONE’s immediate BMS needs and paves the way for future improvements.”