Charge your gamepads with 100 AA batteries for £13

It’s a little different than what we normally cover, but I was going to order it for myself and thought you might also be interested, dear reader. Either way, you can get ten years worth of AA batteries – 100 in total! – for just £13 on Amazon right now. It normally costs £18, so that’s a nice little saving – and of course it’s a lot cheaper per item than buying batteries in smaller packs.

I always need batteries for game controllers for work, and of course AA batteries have also found their way into my garden lights, remote controls, wall clocks, and more. In general, rechargeable batteries are a better bet – and probably more environmentally friendly? – but sometimes you just need a cheap, cheerful drum set to smack something down.

Note that although the product title for some reason states that these batteries have a “one year shelf life”, they of course have a 10 years shelf life as confirmed elsewhere on the page, so you can use them as you see fit – or share them with friends, co-workers and family members if you prefer.

The capacity of the batteries is 1490mAh, according to an Amazon reviewer in the comments, and they drew extremely strong reviews. Normally, AmazonBasics products are made by fairly well-known companies, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made by a more well-known battery company and were just renamed. However, Amazon is notorious for its incredibly complex supply chain – and the problems that can result – so it’s worth considering where you’re at before picking them up.

In any case, let me know if you find this sort of article on deals – where I go a little beyond the bounds of the standard CPU-GPU-SSD trifecta – useful. Your comments are invaluable. Thanks for joining me once again and I’ll see you next time!