Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Kids 2022

When it comes to family games, the Nintendo Switch is a great system, bringing with it a variety of games your kids will love, from educational options to more intense action games. While the Switch has some of the smallest controllers in the gaming world right now with the Joy-Cons, they can be expensive to replace if something were to happen to them. There are plenty of options that are more affordable, sturdier, and even smaller so they’ll still be comfortable in little hands. Here are the best Switch controllers for kids.

A little fun is in your hands

Introducing kids to video games can be fun, and now it’s easier to make it more comfortable and accessible. It can change a child’s experience and save you a lot of money by not replacing controllers. These are just a few of your choices when considering setting up your child for video games. While you’re doing this, you might also consider getting a good protective case and some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, including a screen protector.

Our favorite pick for controllers is the TNE Wireless Pro Controller because it has the most similar functionality to the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller without the price or cords. If cords aren’t an issue for you and your child would have fun choosing a cool design, PDP’s Rock Candy Ergonomic Wired Mini Controller has plenty of options.

For beginners, the flat back and simple button structure of the 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad makes it much easier to start the game. Not to mention, the wireless capability eliminates the stress of having to worry about the Switch dropping from the top of the entertainment center. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to what’s right for your kids, but these are some of the best Switch controller options available for kids.