Best Gamecube Controllers for Switch and PC in 2022

Looking for the best Gamecube controller for Switch and PC? We’ve rounded up our top recommendations for this divisive design, which still has life more than 20 years after its introduction.

With a slew of cheap knockoffs on Amazon and a wide range of different ways to operate your Gamecube controller on the Switch and PC, what’s the best Gamecube controller to use in 2022?

When Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS was launched in 2014, Nintendo had the foresight to re-release Gamecube controllers and even provide a USB adapter. However, the company hasn’t done its best to keep them in stock or even support the hub used on PC.

It was up to the community to reconfigure the USB Wii U to Gamecube adapter for PC, with a slew of unruly Windows drivers that may or may not work.

Fast forward to the Switch dominating the games industry, and the arrival of Smash Bros. Ultimate has announced renewed interest in the esports scene. But, the one thing the community was looking forward to the most was the proven Gamecube controller, which was the preferred way to play games in the series.

With the appearance of titles similar to Smash Bros. in your hands mid-game.

Best Gamecube Controller for Switch and PC: Nintendo Gamecube Controller

While there are plenty of alternatives on the market, nothing beats that original Gamecube feel. Nintendo may not have been great at restocking Gamecube controllers, but that hasn’t stopped them from drip-feeding them into stock channels.

On Amazon US, you can choose two options. Either go for Japanese with no manual and potential extra wait time for delivery, or you can buy a Smash Bros. themed one. in the United States for a few extra dollars. They have good sticks, and you know you’re getting that Nintendo seal of quality no matter what you choose.

Analog triggers on Switch and PC

They’re official Nintendo products, with the right weight, non-mushy d-pad, and true analog triggers.

Most off-brand Gamecube controllers tend to forget that the console had those analog triggers that provided – in supported games – a way to get a lighter or heavier shield in Smash Bros.

A personal favorite includes Gamecube’s version of Super Mario Sunshine’s analog support for dumping FLUDD, which would then sputter for a big backflip dip.

The main thing to consider here is that you will need to invest in a much more expensive official Gamecube to Switch adapter. To get full actuation of the analog triggers on the Gamecube controller, it seems to be random between adapters.

We know for a fact that the Official Nintendo Gamecube to Switch Controller Adapter Is support him. It is, however, $80 on Amazon – after an 11% discount.

gamecube switch pc adapter

On PC, your mileage may vary. For retro games and even for use in some games, the USB adapter may not recognize the analog control of the triggers, causing any pull to be just a full pull of the trigger.

Since modern games, like Multiversus, don’t really rely on analog input, that might not be a consideration you want to make after all.

Or buy:

Get the Official Japanese Nintendo Gamecube Controller from Amazon US for $54

Get the Official Japanese Nintendo Gamecube Adapter from Amazon US for $40

Get the Official American Nintendo Gamecube Controller from Amazon US for $65

Get the Official American Nintendo Gamecube Controller from Amazon US for $80

Used Gamecube Controllers

If you don’t feel like paying Amazon prices, we always recommend browsing eBay for some tasty deals. You might even come across the luxurious Spice Orange controller lurking. But beware, as they can have issues if you don’t read product descriptions carefully enough.

Best Alternative Gamecube Controller for PC and Switch: PowerA Gamecube Style Wired Controller

powera gamecube controller

Other than Nintendo’s official controller, the only one we can – in good conscience – recommend is PowerA’s. While it’s not a perfect recreation, the ability to use a USB-C cable and simply plug it straight into your device of choice is a convenience you won’t find in the big N’s. themselves.

PowerA’s controllers are also themed around different Nintendo characters or come in that classic all-black aesthetic. The advantage of using the PowerA Gamecube controller is that it will simply work on PC too.

PowerA also features an additional Z shoulder button and a full suite of Share, Home, and More/Less buttons, making it fully usable on its own without needing to reach for your Joycon or Pro Controller.

While the Wavebird may be dead as a dodo, in the same selection of controllers PowerA has a wireless option. It takes AA batteries, so you’d better get some too.

The PowerA Gamecube Style wired controller does not support analog triggers.

Get the PowerA Gamecube controllers on Amazon US starting at $25.

Best alternative adapter for Nintendo Gamecube controllers on Switch and PC: 8BitDo G Bros.

8BitDo G Bros. Adapter Gamecube to Switch/PC

gamecube 8bitdo adapter

If you already have a Gamecube controller lying around and you’re just looking for an easy way to hook it up to your Switch or PC, but aren’t entirely concerned with analog triggers and the like, we recommend using the 8BitDo adapter.

This small wireless Bluetooth adapter can support a Gamecube controller or a Wii-connector controller. It’s a fantastic alternative to using Nintendo’s Gamecube adapter, but it does require a bit of remapping on Switch to work properly.

For some reason, the X and Y buttons will toggle, so be sure to keep an eye on them if you’re jumping into a game right away.

It also has a suite of buttons to take screenshots, take you back to the home menu, and can be easily switched to X-input for PC use.

We recommend buying it from Amazon UK if you are in the US. This is due to the fact that the American site sells them way too expensive. It’s currently £14 on Amazon and can ship to the US.

Get the 8BitDo Adapter G Bros. Gamecube on Amazon UK for £14.

Get the 8BitDo Adapter G Bros. Gamecube on Amazon US for $50.


There’s also the CLOUDREAM adapter, which follows the same design and purpose as Nintendo’s official adapter, allowing play with up to four controllers on PC or Switch.

Get the CLOUDREAM adapter for $16 on Amazon US.

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