Artist Lacombe’s dinosaur drawings recognized by the Royal Tyrrell Museum –

Seventeen-year-old Evelyn Oddsson’s dinosaur drawings are becoming very popular in Alberta.

Her mother, Wilma Oddsson, decided to gauge public interest in her work by putting some designs on Facebook Marketplace and before long Evelyn had hundreds of people interested in buying one of her dinosaur designs.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller became interested in his works after seeing them available on Marketplace. Evelyn was invited to visit the museum and her works are now featured on the museum’s Instagram and Facebook page.

Evelyn’s interest in dinosaurs began simply with a unique dinosaur figurine found in a store, but she also has a particular interest in dinosaur films such as Jurassic Park and other documentaries.

“We went to a thrift store and I saw a T-Rex toy. I thought that was really cool, so I took it home and finally started drawing them,” said said Oddsson.

The artist Lacombe collects figurines on which to base his drawings. She also references some of her older works of art as well as animals living today.

“I’m referring to other paleo animals and real animals like elephants,” she added.

Photo of Evelyne’s work.

Evelyn loves the textural aspect of drawing dinosaurs and enjoys working on small details including teeth and scales. Each drawing takes him about two hours to create.

“I draw at least ten different contours, then I detail them one by one and then I shade them. They come out and in waves, I don’t just do them one at a time,” Oddsson said.

Evelyn begins drawing using graphite, but later adds color to the images digitally. The art is then printed and available to buy or even put on T-shirts and other items. Within 24 hours, her mother says Evelyn may have up to 300 inquiries about her work on Facebook. Proceeds from the designs will go to a large 3D printer as well as his future education purposes.

Besides drawing dinosaurs, Evelyn has a direct interest in fantastical creatures, including those of her own creation. She designed her own 3D printed creatures which she painted and they also include ‘fur’ which she created by brushing brown yarn. Evelyn dreams of creating a creature story or maybe even an animation one day.

Her parents, Wilma and Paul, say Evelyn comes from a family of talented artists. His grandmother was an art teacher, and his mother and sister also enjoy making art.

“My brother, an uncle she never met, unfortunately his artwork went to space. He designed a mission patch for one of the space shuttle missions,” added Paul.

Looking ahead, Evelyn says she will start a new series of drawings.

“I think I will probably continue to make series of it. These aren’t very scientifically accurate, but I’m working on a new line that will be,” she explained.

You can view Evelyn’s work by visiting the links below:

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