Apple’s Mac Studio uses NASA software to show M1 Ultra performance

Apple’s Mac Studio used NASA’s most award-winning software, TetrUSS, to showcase the performance of the all-new M1 Ultra chip.

(Photo: screenshot from Apple event — YouTube video from March 8)
Apple’s Mac Studio uses NASA software to display the impressive performance of the new M1 Ultra.

Apple’s new Mac Studio

According to a report by The edgethe Cupertino-based tech giant has already unveiled its new desktop system, which looks like a larger version of the Mac Mini, known as Mac Studio.

Apple’s new Mac Studio has variants. The first carries the powerful M1 Max chip, which first saw life in recent MacBook Pro models.

The most powerful version of the desktop system includes the all-new M1 Ultra, which is now the most powerful Apple Silicon chip, dethroning the powerful M1 Max chip.

The Verge noted that while the new desktop system, the Mac Studio, resembles the Mac Mini, Apple touts it as even more powerful than the most expensive Mac Pro, which sports a bulkier design similar to traditional PCs.

To be specific, the iPhone maker claims the new M1 Ultra chip is 90% faster than the top-end 16-core Mac Pro.

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On top of that, Apple also said that the new Mac Mini-looking machine is almost eight times faster in performance than its smaller counterpart.

As such, if Apple’s claims are to be believed, the new Mac Studio is the most powerful machine in the Cupertino tech giant’s lineup.

Apple Mac Studio and NASA software

To further prove that the brand new Mac Studio is extremely powerful, Apple then used NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration software known as TetrUSS.

According to a recent report by SpaceExplored, Apple has used space agency software to display the impressive performance of the new Silicon chip, the M1 Ultra.

It’s worth noting that the tech giant labels its new desktop system as a Mac for professionals.

So, Apple has decided to go the extra mile so that its new machines are definitely not for personal use only using NASA software.

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NASA TetrUSS software

NASA says the TetrUSS is its most award-winning software, which the space agency uses for design and analysis of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics.

The US space agency said said software is also used “in other government organizations, the aerospace industry, academia, and non-aerospace industries such as automotive, biomedical, and civil engineering.”

NASA logo

(Photo: Photo by GREGG NEWTON/AFP via Getty Images)
A NASA security helicopter flies over the Vehicle Assembly Building on launch day at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 26, 2020. – A new era in space begins Wednesday with SpaceX’s launch of two astronauts from the NASA in space, a capability that for six decades symbolized the power of a handful of states.

That said, there’s no better way to brag about stellar performance than using software that NASA engineers themselves use.

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