Apple unveils detachable game controllers

Apple (AAPL -2.78% ) recently filed a patent in Europe that shows it works on game controllers for iPhone and iPad. In this Motley Fool live excerpt from “Ask Us Anything”, recorded on April contributor Jose Najarro considers Apple’s potential future in the gaming market.

Jose Najarro: Apple filed a patent in Europe and people started to see what it was trying to work on. If I could just split the screen real quick, it’s just a quick picture. They’re working on a patent for some form of controllers for the iPhone and iPad. We were just talking about the games market. Even big tech Apple has moved to some form of cloud gaming, I believe with their Apple Arcade. I don’t know if it’s exactly cloud gaming. A company that sells headsets, headphones, you may soon be able to start buying some form of controller, and they just have different ways to connect it.

I think it’s quite interesting. When you think about it, a good number of people have at Apple. It’s like, hey, instead of making a game system, let’s just make our phone a game system with this simple product and people already have the main product in their hands. I thought that was quite interesting. They have more like regular controllers than you see. But they also work as a gamepad. Obviously, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to build it. But now they have this option to do so. Again, as someone who’s not gaming a lot right now, I’d like to see this because in the market right now, these controllers that I’m seeing right now by big brands, I think RaySearch, is one of the biggest brands out there right now now it does that. They are around $120, 130. I’m pretty sure Apple will be able to market this very well with strong margins if they go ahead.

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